Glossy vs Matte Tiles for Your Bathroom



Now that it’s time to give your bathroom a makeover, one of the biggest decisions you’re facing is whether to use glossy or matte tiles. Since each has various pros and cons associated with them, you’ll need to take your time when making this decision. If you’re ready to find out which of these tiles will work best for you, here are some things about each you should take into consideration.

Better Grip and Traction

If you are considering tile for your bathroom floor, it’s almost always better if you select matte tiles over glossy, since matte tiles have a much better grip and thus provide better traction. However, while matte tiles do offer better grip and traction, this does not mean they will never be slippery, especially in your bathroom. Because of this, you may want to include a rug or two as well in your bathroom. Water can make any surface slippery. Because of this, even bathrooms with matte tile tend to have grip mats in the showers to minimize the chance of slipping. 

Easy to Clean

If you are more interested in having tiles in your bathroom that are easy to clean, you should probably opt for glossy tiles over matte. When it comes to cleaning, the slippery surface of glossy tiles will work to your advantage due to how easy it is to remove things from a glossy tile. Matte tile, on the other hand, is typically more porous and thus things stick to the tile easier. If the ease of cleaning is the most important aspect of your decision, then when you are looking at companies like Norberry Tile, consider getting glossy tiles for use for your bathroom’s walls and around your bathroom sink.

Make a Small Room Bigger

If you have a small bathroom that you wish looked bigger, glossy tiles can do a much better job of this than matte tiles. Reflective, glossy tiles allow light to bounce all-around your bathroom, tricking your eyes and everyone else’s into thinking the bathroom is actually much larger than its actual size. Though the texture of the tile does affect making a room feel bigger or smaller, chances are that you’ll actually notice a bigger difference when it comes to the color of your tile, so this is more of a consideration when you’ve already decided on the color.

Low Maintenance

Should you have a large family and a bathroom that is always staying busy, matte tiles may be a good choice in that they are known as being very low-maintenance tiles. Since their finish is duller than glossy tiles, matte tiles are better able to conceal smudges, stains, and water droplets that dry. Thus, if you don’t have much time to clean or just don’t enjoy doing so very often, matte tiles will be the obvious choice.

A Bright Bathroom

Finally, if you have a dark bathroom and want to make it brighter, look at glossy tiles. Since they do reflect light so easily, choosing white glossy tiles will brighten up any bathroom that gets a limited amount of light.

As you can see, glossy and matte tiles have their advantages and disadvantages. By taking many factors into consideration, you can come away with a bathroom that meets your needs and also looks beautiful.


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