How To Throw a Memorable Football Watch Party for Your Friends



Fall is such an exciting time of year for football fans. A new season brings hope for your team winning the Superbowl. Not only that, you have many reasons to party with your friends and fellow fans on game day. As you gear up to throw a football watch party, make sure you cover all your bases and pay attention to the details to make your party a memorable experience. Besides the decorations (face paint optional), two primary components of your party can make or break your soiree if done improperly, and that is the food and TV. How you view the big game makes all the difference in the world.

There are many food options to consider to make your menu a success. No-frills chips and dip in front of the old flat screen may not always get the job done. You want to be the talk of the town, so apply the following ideas to help get your creative juices flowing to make your football watch party a big hit.

Game Day Menu

Consider adding a little flair to your party’s menu and go beyond ordering a case of beer, buffalo wings, and pizza. Of course, these are football game night staples, so yes, they should have their proper place at the table. In addition to these items, apply your barbecue expertise and add some grilled steak, chicken, and fruits and veggies on sticks. Offer guests a variety of dipping sauces to please and impress everyone at your party. You may also want to grill gourmet burgers and fish tacos. If you enjoy cooking, this is the perfect opportunity to show everyone your skills. 

Think About Location

How you plan to watch the game is as important as the menu. Try to think outside of the box when you want to wow your friends. Ditch the rusty folding chairs and forget about squeezing between your buddies on the couch. Leave your TV in the living room and purchase or rent a projector and screen that you can set up in your yard for an outdoor viewing party under the stars. Arrange spacious patio furniture, lounge chairs, oversized bean bags, yard lanterns, and a portable barbecue pit.

Not only will these items add a charming touch, but your friends will also have plenty of space to chill, eat, cheer for their squad, and share some free NFL picks. Best of all, the barbecue pit will not only provide warmth on a chilly autumn night, but it can also double as a dessert finale to roast marshmallows during halftime. To celebrate your team’s win, mix trendy cocktails, pour cordials, and have hand-crafted beers on ice. As a finishing touch, add a pinch of class and offer some cigars while you brag about your victory.

If you love football season, make it extra special with a few of the suggestions above. Make this season memorable for you and your friends by taking the time to plan a fun and exciting watch party. 


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