5 Reasons Beyond Appearance to Maintain a Healthy Weight



Many of us try to maintain a healthy weight mostly for one reason – looking good. It’s great to be able to fit in our old jeans and look great in photos. 
But appearance is just one of the many reasons you should keep in mind your weight. There are equally important (if not even more important) reasons to watch out for your weight on regular basis. Here are 5 of them. 

1. You’ll be in a better mood 

Your entire body is out of balance when you’re overweight, and this also refers to hormones responsible for your mood. By reducing your weight, you can decrease the level of depression you’re in or simply feel better overall. Many overweight people suffer from depression. Also, the depression makes it harder for them to feel the desire to lose weight. PMS is another problem that can be lessened by losing weight, as hormonal balance is easier to achieve when the amount of fat is reduced. 

2. You’ll sleep better


Knowing the mere fact that you will be able to sleep tight and better is a very big motivator. Many overweight people suffer from sleep apnea. It has been determined in certain studies that losing weight caused 
sleep apnea symptoms to ease. More precisely, the problems caused by sleep apnea were reduced by a half. If we remind ourselves of the fact that sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening condition, losing weight has just become that much more important. 

3. You’ll experience fewer asthma and allergy symptoms 

Maybe allergies and asthma don’t seem related to excessive weight at first, but there is a strong relation between them, for sure. Some overweight people experience much worse allergy and asthma symptoms than the people who don’t have problems with 
excess weight. The reason is in the adrenal glands – as they are affected by the excessive weight, they can’t deal with asthma and allergies as effectively as they otherwise could. Excessive weight also represents a big strain on the respiratory system, which explains why overweight people have bigger problems with asthma symptoms. 

4. You’ll be more motivated to exercise


If you stay within your healthy weight range, it will definitely motivate you to keep that weight for a longer time. This means you’ll have a stronger wish to exercise and be active more regularly. It becomes easier and more enjoyable for you to get out and engage in an activity you love. However, if you exercise regularly and watch your weight, and you still can’t get rid of the excess weight completely, it will probably affect your self-esteem. In that case, it’s perfectly ok to consider other methods like 
obesity surgery because they will get you where you want to be – happy, healthy and content. 

5. You’ll have better protection against age-related diseases 

Maintaining a healthy weight is equally important as you get older just as it was important when you were young. Of course, you are aware that staying within a healthy weight range reduces the risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes. However, you probably don’t know that there are certain age-related diseases you’ll also be protecting your body from if you lose the excessive weight. This type of disease includes dementia and cognitive impairment, as well as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The reason behind it is that the excess weight increases cell damage and inflammation in the body. 

Also, weight loss improves your already existing arthritis pain – something you can reduce significantly if you take control of your body weight and also improve the function of the troubled body part. 

All in all 

It’s clear that dealing successfully with obesity doesn’t just bring the obvious benefit – the improved physical appearance. Your life will be improved in numerous ways.  It can affect your life to a much greater extent than you expect.

Mianna Korben

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