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Shopping for birthday presents is often a huge challenge, and it becomes an even bigger duty when you need to shop for a teen. This is especially true if you’re not up to date with what your teen likes and what their hobbies are, which is why you should try to bond with them if you want to pick out the best present for them. However, if you’re shopping last minute, here’s a list of gifts that you can’t go wrong with, and just leave the bonding for later. 

Polaroid Camera

Kids, teenagers, adults, the elderly, everyone is obsessed with photography these days, and teens simply can’t stop taking selfies and trendy photos to post on their Instagram profiles. So, if you want to make your teen’s birthday the best one yet, and make them the most popular kid in school, get them a Polaroid camera. Instead of using all those filters on their smartphones, they’ll get a photograph with one of those trendy retro filters printed in a matter of seconds. Not only is this unconventional, but it’s an absolutely unique present as well, which is what teens always want. 


Wardrobe can be an amazing present, as long as you know what size your teen wears. Also, it’s crucial that you don’t miss the colour or the cut if you go for skirts or dresses, so pay attention the next time they spot something in the store and snatch it before it’s sold out. A leather jacket or a quality pair of boots or maybe a pair of classic jeans will absolutely take your teen’s breath away, and if the idea about buying them a new pair of sneakers crosses your mind, just do it. 

Tech Accessories

Teens of today couldn’t imagine their lives without the internet, computers, iPods and other inventive gadgets, so make their tech experience a true delight. With a pair of Focal Utopia open-backed headphones, they’ll probably stop listening to their favourite tunes only in their sleep. Furthermore, a new smartphone, or maybe a phone case with a built-in light to make their selfies stunning, can also be a good gift idea. 

Personalized Gifts

Personalized presents are the best way to combine creative and thoughtful into one gift. Therefore, think about giving your teen a personalized phone case with a photo of the two of you, or maybe with their name spelled out. A personalized makeup bag, “Things I Love About You” print, or maybe a personalized Gent’s watch stand are all some of the choices that your teen will cherish forever and always remember how much you care about them. 


Even if you don’t think today’s young people are keen on reading, they’d gladly have an interesting piece of writing with them on road trips or to read before bed from time to time. So, unless they already have Kindle, think about getting them a few classic novels, or maybe something from the modern literature that will make them love literature. All it takes for them to fall in love with the written word is for someone to introduce them to all the beauties of literature, so feel free to take that task personally, and your teen will be grateful for that gesture. 


Who doesn’t like a nice piece of sparkly jewelry, right? Well, if you make it personal as well, you’ll have the happiest teen in your home. Think about getting them a charm leather bracelet or maybe a personalized name necklace. Men’s personalized clasp plaited leather bracelet is a great choice for a boy, while a girl will find a personalized initial birthstone necklace a true delight for sure. 

Shopping for your teen’s birthday may seem as a nightmare at first, but if you take a look at these several suggestions, you’ll see that the choice won’t be as tough as you originally thought it would. You can never go wrong with personalized gifts, tech accessories, wardrobe, and a Polaroid camera, so stick to them and your teen will love you for it.

Diana Smith

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