5 Simple Ways To Dress Up an Outfit



Women are taught from a young age to always be prepared and ready for anything. Women are just somehow expected to be adaptable and easy-going – and that’s true, for most of us…to a certain extent. One of the things we often excel at is being sociable. If this sounds like you, you have probably found yourself needing to leave work and be across town in twenty minutes for a cocktail party. Which is fine – apart from the casual work outfit you have on the right at that moment. Follow these five great tips below to learn how to dress up a casual or work outfit and be ready for a night of glitz and glam!

1. Shoe Selection

The first step to dressing up your outfit is to choose the right shoes. Always opt for heels – they are the dressiest of shoes. If your body doesn’t agree with high heels, then wedges are your next best option.

The right shoes can totally change the look of an outfit, but be sure to pick a pair that you can walk in. The newborn calf look is so NOT chic!

2. Add Jewelry

Never mind the diamonds – all jewelry is a girl’s best friend. It is everyone’s go-to for making an outfit feel fabulous, and for a good reason. Adding a bit of sparkle and expensive air (even if it’s not totally accurate) is one of the easiest ways to stop people in their tracks. To elevate your style, consider complementing your ensemble with a pair of personalized Christian t-shirts and the right jewelry.

When choosing jewelry, stay away from the cheap costume stuff and head for better quality options – you deserve it. Choose a pair of stunning statement earrings or a stack of beautiful bracelets. 

Keep the UGG boots at home for this one, those don’t mix with glitzy earrings.

3. Choose the Right Dress

Dressing up an outfit is only possible if the main element of the outfit is suitable. Think of it like building a house – without the proper foundation, you have no hope of succeeding. For dresses or skirts, choose something that doesn’t have beach vibes – while it is not impossible to dress up a denim mini, it is a little trickier and consistently always hits the mark.

The Havana Dress is always a fantastic choice as it can easily go from day to night with just a few simple tweaks. The best thing about a dress like that is you can go super trendy – or you can opt for traditional glamor because it handles it all.

4. Jacket Options

With winter around the corner, now is the perfect time to go shopping for a versatile jacket that will help you transition your outfit from day to night. There are countless jacket options on the market but opt for traditional for this one – especially if you’re looking for consistency amongst your outfits.

A denim jacket is a must-have, but for more glamourous affairs, you should invest in a gorgeous blazer that feels as amazing as it looks. If neither is your style, there is always the option of a leather jacket, which is a fan favorite.

5. Add Structure

What pulls an out together and instantly adds a flair of fancy is a structured handbag. Dressing up an outfit involves adding a touch of class and plenty of styles, which is easily achievable with the right accessories.

A dressy bag will effortlessly elevate your outfit and get you ready for any fancy do that may come your way. If you typically wear casual bags like totes or moon bags, invest in a good quality structured handbag. Think designer if you can afford to – otherwise, bargain hunt for something that will upgrade your outfit.


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