Fashion Tips and Tricks for Dashing Gents in 2022



Just like the times, fashion is a-changin’ and in 2022, stylish gents will be able to express themselves fully and unapologetically. Never before have we witnessed such a boom of various styles and fashion trends that have their roots in many different eras all made famous at approximately the same time. However, there’s always something new to look forward to. In that respect, if a dashing gentleman such as yourself is looking to upgrade their wardrobe, and look dashing, the following fashion tips and tricks are sure to come in handy.

The Rise of Gender-Neutral Clothes

Many fashion brands have started to adopt the non-binary concept of clothing that caters to both men and women without gender limitations. With the recent popularity of the so-called “androgynous” look on social media, people have more garment options than ever, allowing them to express their sense of style and identity. That said, the modern man doesn’t have to look for a strictly “masculine” garment in order to look handsome and attractive. As the line between gender-specific clothes is slowly getting blurred, the freedom of dress is simultaneously growing bigger, more popular, and considerably more attractive.

The Timeless Beauty of Tailored Clothes

On a slightly different note from the previous trend, we have the (reborn) trend of going tailored and fitted when it comes to men’s fashion. Of course, belts are still a trendy accessory, but 2022 dictates its own trends, and as such, going belt-free, in a perfectly tailored piece of clothes is all the rage right now. This is especially true for suits, as there’s nothing more dashing and attractive than a man in a good suit that fits him like a glove.

Go Monochrome or Go Home

Not really though, as there’s also the trend of glam-inspired colorful clothes that we’ll mention soon enough. But, if that particular trend is not your thing, you should definitely look into the monochrome garment movement. Regardless of your personal style (be it athleisure, more formal, casual, business casual, and so on), pairing the garments in a monochrome fashion like choosing a fashionable terry cloth polo shirt or simple pair of jeans will instantly make the entire outfit more put together and you infinitely more fashionable. Don’t fear the singularity of color all over; if you don’t try it you might never learn the true secret of your perfect look.

Attention to Detail is the New Sexy

We have mentioned that belts may clash with the trend of tailored clothes but they’re still one of the must-have accessories for every self-conscious gent. Depending on the outfit, it’s details like these that can make you stand out in a good and stylish way. That said, a quality leather belt with a sleek buckle will always be essential. Accessories-wise, you honestly can’t go wrong with a classic leather wallet and/or a bulk-free money clip for men. Of course, a good watch will always make a perfect accessory for every single style and outfit. Furthermore, if you really enjoy men’s jewelry, 2022 is the time to go all out! Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and piercings could easily let you take someone’s breath away.

The Clash of the 80s and 00s

As stated before, not everything in 2022 is about simplicity, tailored clothes, monochromatic pairings, and similar. We have found ourselves at a time of revival when it comes to the fashion of the 80s and 00s as well. Therefore, if this matches your aesthetics, you won’t be making a mistake if you embrace that broad-shoulder jacket, cover yourself in denim, rock gel-treated hair looks, add some sparkle or crazy patterns to your garments, or even copy the style of your favorite hair rock/punk band.

The biggest fashion tip that will transcend the test of time regardless of the year we’re in is wearing the clothes and embracing the style that truly makes you feel like yourself. After all, the pinnacle of stylishness, fashion, and attractiveness involves being confident and comfortable with your look.


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