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Ladies (and gentlemen),

Welcome to the Spring Health Revival Guide 101 class. Since spring is not just around the corner but we actually stepped in it, it’s high time we started freshening up our bodies (if we haven’t already). And since spring tends to be taken for granted due to the fast pace of life and the stress we encounter daily, we came up with a list of the most important things that you could do in order to reset your well-being and overall health.

We know that winter brought snow, cold days and a lot of unhealthy and greasy food, so now is the time for a change. We don’t want our summer bodies not on point, do we? Without further ado, here is your ultimate guide for a fresh and healthy spring body revival. 

Change your eating habits this spring

As already mentioned, we probably indulged in greasy fast food during winter more than we should have had. That is why you should immediately start with changing your eating habits. Even though it’s extremely difficult to stop eating on the go, you have to break up with this habit as if it was your abusive boyfriend. Which it kind of actually is. The first thing that you definitely need to do is start cooking for yourself, as the best meal is a home-cooked one.

Know that if you cook a meal a day, you could use the leftovers for the next one, so not only will you be eating healthy and the way you like it, but you will save a lot of money in the process. 
75% of Aussies eat a lot of vegetables, which makes them the nation that eats the most greens – make sure to do the same as it will keep your skin very fresh and youthful. 

Get yourself checked


Spring is the season of flu, so you have to be well-prepared not to end up with it. Since you are trying to be very healthy for the upcoming season, have in plan to visit all the doctors so that you are sure nothing’s wrong – and if it is, to make it easier for yourself. Visit a general practitioner, your gynecologist and don’t forget the ophthalmologist. Back to Australians – they, for example, take their health very seriously, and that’s why a visit to 
a good optometrist in Sydney is something that’s very common there. Follow their example and get yourself checked at least once every year – it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Make the water bottle your BFF

Not only do you have to eat healthily, you have to drink plenty of water as well. For this season, try to avoid sugary and fizzy drinks as much as you can and opt for water instead. It is said that a person has to drink around 2 liters of water per day, and if you’re in the “out of sight out of mind” category, the best option would be to have a water bottle by your side every moment of the day in order to remind you to drink it. Drinking water has 
many benefits – it keeps our skin elastic and youthful, it’s good for dilation and it can help you with weight loss, among other things. 

Jump on the workout train

You don’t have to cry in the corner thinking we will be chasing you to the gym after work. As spring brings many sunny and pleasant days, your choice for this season would be to exercise outdoors. The options are endless, as you can hit any outdoor gym, go jogging or even trekking. If you’re a group sports person, you can always organize tennis matches with your best friend who loves playing tennis as much as you do. The most important thing is to stay active, and spring is the perfect season for this. 

Update your skincare

You won’t be buying new cosmetic products, but you should definitely pay attention to the way you protect your face. For example, having a good sunscreen in your bag is extremely important, as you don’t want UV rays to mess with your face. Moreover, you can use plenty of natural ways to keep your face fresh, such as using cucumber to deal with the puffiness of your eyes.

This is the end of the lesson, we hope you wrote down all the most important notes, as Pop Quiz is just around the corner. No, we won’t be grading your tests, but you’ll

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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