5 Ways to Create a Romantic Vibe in the Bedroom



They say that you can’t create a vibe with a person and that a connection with someone is either there or it isn’t. Now although that may be true for the most part, you can create the type of environment where that vibe that you do share with someone special can catch on fire so to speak. Just as setting the right mood and being in the right environment can affect other aspects of your mood, your day, a moment, or even your life, setting the right mood and creating the right environment can also increase a good feeling, and make a couple let down their guards, connect with each other on a deeper level, and be romantic. 

When it comes to setting the mood,  it involves much more than just lighting, candles, and wine. Those things definitely can add to a nice romantic setting, but there’s much more needed to create that special vibe. I decided to create a list of five things that will improve the romance, the mood, and the fire with that special someone. 

Here’s a list of 5 things to create a romantic vibe: 

1. Lighting, Candles, and Fire

Lighting is everything. Well, maybe not everything, but definitely an important factor when it comes to setting the mood and creating a nice romantic environment. Light a fire in a fireplace or I suppose simply turn your fireplace on (depending on your situation), dim the lights, and light some relaxing candles. 

2. Drinks and Flirty Snacks

Some nice wine, a little whiskey, or whatever you both decide to enjoy, be prepared to have something to offer or share with your partner. It’ nice to hold something, fiddle a bit, and say cheers to create a nice vibe. And make sure that you and your partner aren’t hungry. Tummy growls that are a bit on the loud side might be funny, but also a bit embarrassing. Either way, bring some fun and flirty snacks to the table. Something simple and easy to nibble on like strawberries, passion fruit, bite-sized sweets, or anything you both might enjoy. Perhaps something chocolate covered? Mmm…

3. Positive Energy

This one is big folks. Your energy can make all of the difference when it comes to connecting with someone, enhancing your romantic vibe, and increasing or decreasing the sexual chemistry you might be trying to arouse and create. Be optimistic, positive, and keep things light. Don’t bring up heavy conversations when you’re hoping to start a romantic fire and have it blazing all evening.

Relax, take a deep breath, and be in the moment. Let go of everything else even if just for a moment. And whether it’s date night for you and your partner or just a fun relaxing evening you’re hoping to share with someone sweet, be in that moment as much as possible by letting go of any unneeded anxiety or worries. Thrive in positive energy and let your good energy carry your whole mood. Besides, people feed off of our energy, whether it’s good energy or bad energy. Therefore, try to be light and loving and completely zen and relaxed as much as you can.

4. Music or Background Noise

When I refer to playing some tunes, I’m more so saying that having some good old blues, jazz, or even love music playing semi-lightly in the background can spice up the mood and make couples relax and enjoy a moment more. But definitely, don’t go blasting heavy metal, hip-hop, or rock and roll, or anything for that matter that’s louder than Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is definitely O.K. though because it’s completely chill music and most of the music is pretty relaxing and can provide a cool, sexy, and romantic vibe.

And as far as background noise, I’m not referring to leaving your windows open if you live on a busy street with a lot of traffic. A little light background is good though. Perhaps a TV playing in the other room or as I said, music. Music is great background noise. Something quiet and sweet that doesn’t overpower the vibe you’re trying to create.

5. Turn Off Your Phones 

Not much has to be said about this one. But unless you’re a Doctor on call, you have someone sick in the hospital (God Forbid) or you have kids with a sitter, you can turn your phone down a bit and share a nice evening or at least a moment with your honey.

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