Having Trouble Keeping the Spark Alive? 4 Ways for Married Couples to Shake Things Up



After a number of years of being together, many couples find that the spark in their marriage is threatening to sputter out. The stress of taking care of the kids, demanding jobs and the same mundane tasks start to encroach on a couple’s romantic life. However, getting that spark back is crucial to keeping your marriage vital. Here are four ways that you and your spouse can shake things up again and add the spice back to your marriage.

1. Have Romantic Date Nights

Romantic date nights allow a couple to tune out the stresses of parenting, bills, and housekeeping to concentrate on one another again. These nights give you and your spouse the opportunity to dress up a bit, to spritz on the perfume or cologne and once again make an effort to woo one another the way you used to. Some couples even like to pretend to meet again for the first time as a way to reconnect romantically. While this may seem like a simple step, taking the time to focus on just your relationship with your spouse in a romantic setting goes a long way in maintaining the spark between you.

2. Remember the Little Things

While a grand night out or a sexy night in can go a long way to rekindle your spark, you’ll want to do some daily maintenance as well. Thoughtful notes left in lunches or on a pile of freshly folded laundry can be just as romantic than a bouquet of flowers. Show your spouse that they are on your mind and that their happiness is important to you by keeping up small and simple gestures in your day to day life. Doing so will encourage mutual love between you and make every day a joy to live together.

3. Spice Up Intimacy With New Lingerie

Ideally, your times of intimacy combine a deep sense of connection along with a zesty sense of fun. And as you may know, there are many ways to add a bit of spice, from trying a new technique when you make love, to trying on some sexy clothes. Men should be just as involved in this step as women, as it is important to be vulnerable with one another to avoid a false power perception. For the man, donning something like men’s thong underwear does more than just increase sexual appeal, but it also shows a sense of trust in times of vulnerability.

4. Take Dancing Lessons

Dancing lessons encourage couples to dance cheek-to-cheek and to get their hearts pumping again. Dancing pulls you out of yourself, allowing your spouse to see another side of you, something that long-time marrieds may just appreciate. Dancing together has the power to rekindle even the most mature romances.

Just because you’ve been married for a while doesn’t mean your marriage needs to lose its spark. Activities like dancing lessons or date nights can turn up the heat between you and your spouse, and who knows? Maybe these and other activities will turn that spark into a flame that will guarantee you stay in love for a lifetime.


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