5 Easy Ways to Spice up Your Marriage


There are many things that couples can do to enhance their love lives. Having said that, the longer that couples are together, the more love and effort it takes to maintain the levels of happiness and excitement. Anyone can get bored of the same old routine, and especially when couples only do fun and exciting things on holidays and special occasions, if even that. Therefore, I wanted to create a list of 5 things that married couples can do to enhance their love life and add some spice into their daily lives. This list can be useful for all couples, not only those who are married. And feel free to add some of your fun and exciting ideas for couples in the comments below. It’s always great to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas, and to share them with others who are also open to learning how to improve their relationship.

Just remember that, just because I’m about to list 5 EASY ways to spice up your love lives, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be putting effort into doing things for one another. Easy doesn’t mean lacking effort or hard work. Healthy, happy, and loving relationships take effort, hard work, and the obvious, tender loving care, so that you’ll both not only maintain your love and happiness, but also, so that the feelings and fire stays alive and even grows. Remember, to do your share in your relationship by giving things your all, and by making the time for one another. As well, we should all try to work harder on improving our relationships and to strive towards making that early dating honeymoon phase last throughout our lives with our loved one.

Here’s a list of 5 Easy ways to spice things up.

1. Go on evening walks.

Going on walks together can not only be a great way to relax, bond, and catch up with one another and chat, but it’s also great for your health. Working out and doing things as a couple is essential, but what’s also essential is keeping the romance alive. Evening walks are great, because with a little starlight and naturally dimmed lighting, who could ask for more to enhance the mood, other than maybe a big beautiful moon. Hold hands, and enjoy each other’s company like you did early on when you’d just met. Adding evening walks with your partner can be something that you add to your daily evening routine. Besides, it’s better than lounging on the couch after a heavy meal, late night snacking, or watching the same old reruns on TV.

2. Be spontaneous.

Like I said before, things can get boring when you’re always doing the same old routine. So add some fire by suggesting a weekend getaway, a day trip, or even a fun idea of something you can both do that would be out of the norm for you both. Go take a walk by the pier at the beach, catch the sunset, and you can even make a little beach picnic. Now, obviously we don’t all have the luxury of living so close to the beach, but you can do the same thing anywhere, but without the beach. For those who rarely look up and appreciate this beautiful world, there’s such a sense of peace that comes with looking up at the sky at night—try it. But better yet, try doing so on a park bench or while laying on a blanket in your backyard or even in a park. Look at the stars up above with your love, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll bring out some up that early dating chemistry and fire as you find yourselves at peace with the world.

3. Candlelight dinners.

Candles bring romance, or at least, they enhance the mood and atmosphere into a calm and peaceful place. If you’re having a home cooked meal that you or your partner prepared, add some candles to the table. And yes, even if you’re having a casual type of dinner lounging out by your coffee table eating, light up some candles, and you just may light up your love life in the process. As well, light some candles on your bedside table once in awhile to enhance the mood. Remember as I said above, you should always try to keep things interesting, and a little effort can go a long way. You can eve suggest taking turns and giving each other massages. Be giving and selfless. Even if one of you is tired and only wants to receive one night. Hopefully things will balance out, and besides, that should naturally happen anyway when your partner feels how much you love them.

4. Have a regular date night.

Having a date night once a week can definitely improve your love life. When two people care enough about keeping the fire alive in their relationship, they’ll be much more open to doing simple things like having a romantic evening with one another out on the town. And don’t be the type to drag your feet or say that you’re too tired, because if you do that, eventually, there won’t be a date night because you’ll always find an excuse. You shouldn’t even need an excuse to share some quality time to bond with your loved one. Even if it’s a simple after dinner tea and desert somewhere romantic, go for it. Just as in most things in life, it’s about quality, not quantity, so enjoy whatever time that you put out towards spending with one another, live in the moment, and talk of only loving, sweet things when you’re out. And remember, when you’re having a date night, embrace and appreciate one another. You shouldn’t feel obligated to be romantic and to have a beautiful date night, but if you truly want to maintain the love, passion, and fire that you share, I highly suggest it.

5. Make peace before you sleep.

Now, this is a big one folks. Don’t go to bed angry, bitter, or upset. All couples argue and go through challenging times, but at night, be at peace, but if possible, get to that place of peace before you enter the bedroom. You don’t even need a resolution to your issues to have peace before going to sleep. You can work things out in the morning if needed. The bedroom is a place of peace and relaxation. You should keep it that way, and it only takes a little effort from both people. Kiss and make up, life is too short to go to sleep angry or upset.
When laying down, let your feet touch, and make sure that your partner knows that no matter what, they are loved, and deeply. And last but definitely not least, make love. Yep, I said it, make love with all of your heart and soul, and do so regularly, and never, and I mean never withhold intimacy or affection from your loved one. And remember, men and women are both visual, not only men. Therefore, keep things exciting by wearing something appealing your partner, and change it up once in awhile. You have the power to keep the fire alive, and really, it’s not very hard at all if you put a little love and effort into things.

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