How to Make the Best of Life in Quarantine



Until a few years ago, hardly anyone used the word “quarantine” as part of their daily vocabulary. Now, however, it’s a word many people use almost every day. Although many people have adapted to living in quarantine thanks to the original long-lasting quarantine, it can still be difficult to know what to do if you find yourself in quarantine again due to COVID-19 exposure. Although no solution is perfect, here are a few ideas to make it more bearable.

Take Some Time to Think

For most people, being forced into quarantine is a time to slow down for a few days. Even if you still have work responsibilities, it’s unlikely that you’ll be as busy as normal. That fact makes quarantine the perfect time to spend at least a few moments thinking through your life. Whether you think about a goal you want to accomplish, a bad habit you need to break, or some other aspect of your life, take advantage of this slower period so that you emerge a better person.

Finish Some Projects

Unless your quarantine involves serious illness, you may want to devote part of your quarantine toward finishing some projects around your home. Everyone has a running to-do list in their mind that never shrinks for one reason or another. If you can cross several things off your list, you can finish your quarantine with less to do so that you can continue to take more time for yourself in the coming months.

Develop a New Hobby

In the past two years, many have used periods of isolation to explore skills and hobbies they hadn’t before. Think about something you’ve always been interested in trying but never did. Now could be the perfect time to dive headfirst into this new hobby, whether it be art, music, cooking, crafting, or otherwise.

Get Your Groceries at Home

One of the best ways to make quarantine more bearable is to have items delivered directly to your home. Grocery delivery, specifically, prevents you from having to go to the store and gives you the ingredients you need to eat healthy so that you can better fight off any illnesses. Plus, having someone deliver your groceries helps take the burden off of your friends so that you can depend on them for other needs.

Talk to Friends and Family

Another way to fill some time during quarantine is to catch up with friends and family. You can write a letter, make a call, send a text, or find some other way to reach out to people who you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. They will be glad to hear from you, and you’ll get some much-needed human connection that will make your quarantine a little less lonely.

Celebrate the End

With the above tips, your quarantine will be over quite quickly. When you reach the end of your time at home, it’s a good idea to celebrate your regained freedom by rewarding yourself in some small way. This will help you readjust to life and help make your quarantine quickly feel like a distant memory.


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