Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Disposable Masks



Post the ramification of the covid-19 virus; disposable surgical masks have become one of the most popular choices for masks all over the world. These are readily available everywhere so that people can protect themselves from the deadly effect of the virus. However, there has always been a common battle between disposable and reusable masks. A lot of people think that reusable cloth masks are a great choice as they can use the product repeatedly.

A segment of people find disposable masks more convenient because of their lightweight. There are several layers of polypropylene that are used while making the masks. One can simply wear them around the head or ears with its elastic strap. The best part of them is that these masks can easily filter large droplets. However, not all of them can provide the best filtration system. There are different types of disposable masks available across the globe. Let’s take a look at the following:

Surgical Masks

The surgical face masks come up with different levels of the filtering process. Type 1 has a bacteria filtering process that blocks the larger droplets when someone coughs near the person. Type 2 also has a bacteria filtering process but stronger than type 1. Lastly, type 3 surgical masks have the strongest bacteria filtering process. But, generally, one has to buy these disposable masks in bulk. There are various colours available, including rectangular, blue, and pleated with a nose wire or elastic straps.

Respiratory Masks

Respiratory disposable masks have a closer-fitting system. These masks are designed in a way that prevents the wearer from inhaling the fine aerosol particles and larger droplets from the air. However, these masks should be bought from only a reliable seller as these need to be fit-tested in order to be effective. Generally, respiratory masks are a little more expensive than surgical masks. These are ideal for healthcare workers who possess high risks of infection while working closely in contact with infectious people.

Dust Masks

Another type of disposable masks are dust masks. Usually, these are meant for construction workers to protect themselves from potentially harmful elements and dust particles. The valve filters out the harmful particles while the wearer breathes in, but it doesn’t filter out what he breathes out.

How to Buy A Disposable Mask

The most important things that one needs to consider while buying masks are the filtration system and the mask fittings. After all, these masks are used only for a single purpose which is to protect the wearers against all the harmful particles. There are a lot of filtration systems available, including homemade filters, carbon filters, and HEPA filters. The homemade filters are usually used while making the reusable ones.

Disposable masks have a standard filtration system to protect the wearers. However, the carbon filters can protect the wearers from any airborne particles including dust, chemicals, mold, and smoke. Also, there’s a HEPA filter which is considered highly efficient in terms of protecting the wearer against all the harmful particles in the air. Therefore, one should opt for disposable masks carefully to avoid any diseases in the long run.

The Difference Between Disposable & Reusable Masks

A lot of people have this common doubt that whether they should use disposable masks or reusable masks. So, let’s take a look at the common differences between the two so that one can make the best choice.

Filtration System

When it comes to the filtration system, the disposable masks work the best as it protects the wearers from the large droplets and other harmful particles in the air. Generally, these particles are the key reason for disease transmission. So, the main purpose of disposable masks is to protect the wearer from these harmful particles. The best part of disposable masks is that all these masks are made with minimum filtration standards while the reusable masks don’t have any minimum filtration system.

Environmental Cost

Masks that are made of plastic have a serious negative impact on the environment. However, the best part of buying disposable masks is that it doesn’t create any potential hazard on the environment if disposed of well. People should be more careful while disposing of these masks to avoid any environmental damage.


A lot of people think that buying disposable masks is a more expensive solution than buying reusable masks. This is because of the cost-efficiency of the product. When one buys disposable masks, people need to buy them over and over. But, reusable masks can be bought for a single time and used as many times as a person wants. However, disposable masks are more protective of one’s health than reusable masks. Therefore, people can save their money in the long run by avoiding potential health hazards by wearing these masks.


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