7 Proven Health Benefits of Slim Fast



Stand-in drinks have become a daily nutritional element for athletes and daily workers. In recent years, an energy drink has migrated from sports nutrition types of bodybuilders into a nutritional supplement for people interested in a healthy lifestyle. And this is logical – it is the healthy proteins that are lacking in our usual food. In addition, stand-in drinks reduce appetite for several hours, while they contain a minimum number of calories (one portion of the drink contains 100 to 250 calories). Today we will talk about the benefits of Slim Fast in terms of out health. But what is this drink?

Slim Fast
is a mixture, originally intended for rapid calorie burning and meal substitution. The question arises: what is the use of those drinks, why should not people get nutrients from usual eating, and can you do it without calorie drinks? How do you see it? For instance, an active person needs about 5 grams of protein per kilogram of body a day. It turns out that in general he or she must eat about 20 eggs or 1 kg of chicken fillet every day! Agree that sticking to this menu is unrealistic. Here, drinks that substitute food come in handy.

1. Loss of five kilograms of weight after a month of consumption 

We provide the quality of calories for the body in the morning, making up the amount of lost per night to prevent loss of muscle mass, which always happens when any diet is observed. But when drinking stand-in drinks, they become some kind of important catalyst, helping to quickly get rid of excess weight, while maintaining the tone of the muscles and the elasticity of the skin. To get the best results, the use of Slim Fast drinks should be combined with the right balanced diet and sports training. 

2. Taming the appetite. 

Proteins, which stand-in drinks contain, are digested by our body much longer than carbohydrates. One glass will not give you a lot of calories, but it will satiate your hunger well. Thanks to the cocktail it can manage your appetite without you resorting to numerous snacks. 

3. Preservation of muscle mass. 

During the diet, together with fat we lose muscle mass of the body. By increasing the intake of calories, we include the so-called anti-catabolic effect, that is, we replenish muscle mass and get rid of fat, which lies on our sides dead weight. 

4. Accumulation of lactic acid. 

Another important indicator is the accumulation of lactic acid during the work, high concentrations of which are indicative of the fact that the muscles “work” greatly. It is the high content of lactic acid in muscle tissue that “triggers” a series of reactions that ultimately lead to muscle growth. It also increases in the concentration of protein elements that perform contractions.

All in all, muscles can not grow during physical activity – at this time they, on the contrary, reduce their weight! So drinks like Slim Fast let you work and preserve the muscle tissue. 

5. You increase metabolism. 

In the absence of carbohydrates and fats, the digestive system spends 30% more energy for digesting proteins. 

6. You feel better. 

Drinking shakes or liquid substances with high amount of calories (the RIGHT calories) help with the improvement of well-being due to harmonization of metabolic processes. 

7. You reduce the manifestations of cellulite. 

Cellulite is the all-time fear of many women. However, substitution drinks help you control the amount of consumed fats and keep you away from bad snacks.


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