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You might ask, how might one lose 5 pounds in merely one week, without starving themselves, feeling miserable, or being unhealthy in any way. Well, that’s why you should read the “Healthy Lifestyle” section in my blog, because I believe in being healthy, having a great body and physique, and losing weight when needed, but in a healthy way. In this article, I’d like to show you how you can lose weight quickly, while staying healthy, and maintaining energy, and enthusiasm to possibly continue your healthy diet, and maybe even turn it into a healthy lifestyle, rather than a temporary quick fix diet.

First off, I don’t believe in doing anything in extreme, or in a way in which you want to give up, before completing a task or goal that you set out to achieve. Secondly, I believe in happiness being the ultimate goal. Whether it’s having a body that you feel happy with, or by building your confidence by looking good on the outside, and feeling good on the inside. Perhaps you need to lose weight for medical or health reasons, and you need to make a change in your lifestyle, and losing a few pounds is where you want to start, being that you have to start somewhere.

I believe in making healthy changes in one’s life, in which you’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll be able to think more clearly, you’ll develop great energy, and be able to maintain it. If you go about my suggestions in the way that I say, there will be no bouncing back to your old weight. It’s time to get off the couch, stop making up excuses, and create the body, mind, and good health that you need, in order to live a more happy, energetic, and confident life in which not only others will be proud of you, but you’ll be immensely proud of yourself.

Here’s the list:

1. Eat slowly:

It takes 15 minutes for your satiety level to kick in, so eat slow, and be in touch with that sensation of being full, and stop eating when you get that first sensation of “I’m starting to get full,” and get a doggy bag.

2. Eat healthy snacks:

Yes, of course you can snack, but not on anything, and not all of the time. Snack on raw vegetables and fruit (not dried sulfured fruit). If you want chips once or twice daily, that’s fine, but two handfuls max! LIMIT YOURSELF and indulge, meaning indulge once in awhile, not all day long, and definitely not in large portions.

3. Eat more often, but smaller portions:

Eat when you’re hungry. Not full-on massive portioned meals, but small to medium sized portions. You never need to get that overly full, “I feel fat” feeling.

4. Don’t clean your plate:

Ignore whatever you might’ve been taught growing up about eating everything on your plate, and not wasting food. You won’t be wasting, when you take it to go. Eat smaller portions, and split your leftovers into two or three meals. 

5. Stable fitness routine:

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do for your work out, but you must work out! You need to get your heart rate up, and keep it up. Work out for 15-20 minutes at least every day. Set a goal when it comes to working out that you’ll keep!

6. Jumping jacks, squats, crunches, lunges, or pushups during commercials:

During commercials, yes, every commercial, GET UP, move your body, and drop and give me 20! Pick one, and do 20 of them during each commercial. If you can’t do that, punish yourself by turning the TV off.

7. Write down everything:

Make a list of how you work out and what you eat. Write EVERYTHING down. If you’re doing 15 pushups, write it down, and try to do more the next day. Either way, write it all down.

8. Water, fresh squeezed juice ONLY, and coffee:

Drink a lot of water. First thing in the morning drink one full glass of water. Have coffee, but no milk, cream, or sugar, unless it has 0 calories (I didn’t say low-calorie content, I said zero calories!).

9. Everything on the side:

When you eat out, get everything you can on the side. This goes for gravy, sauces, and dressing, etc. Dip, don’t pour. Dip lightly, in other words; barely dip.

10. Steamed instead of fried:

Enough said. When you are home, you know what to do, eat food raw or steamed. But, when you go out, specify that you want your veggies steamed (DRY), instead of fried. Light, cold-pressed olive oil is okay, but don’t go crazy. Try and stay away from butter and spreads.

What you need to REMOVE from your diet

No soda (diet is okay, but it’s bad for you, so only a few sips here and there), no fast food (once every month or two is fine, but that’s it!), and no pastries (no more than two bites!). Okay, now let me explain. Diet soda has no calories, so in that way it’s good, but it has a short term light, long term darkness effect, because it bloats your stomach, and makes you carry an inflatable swimming tube around your lower belly. As well, there are many proven studies that say how bad it is for you. I still indulge when I crave diet soda once in awhile, but “once in awhile” is the key here. As far as pastries, if you have enough self-control to understand what I mean when I say two bites is okay, then have two bites. For the 98% of everyone else reading this, this is what I mean. Two bites means ONLY when you’re craving it, and two small, teaspoon-sized bites is okay. As far as fast food is concerned, try NEVER to eat it, but if you have no other option, are okay with the setback for two days of maintaining your sexy body, then eat it once in a blue moon.

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