7 Ways to Make Your ‘Happily Ever After’ Work Till the End



Marriage is a life-long commitment based on love, and solely love- a feeling as pure as the innocence of a kid. Marrying the love of your life is indeed like a fairytale come true; the chirping birds seem to be singing the songs of your romance, the pouring rain seems to give you a chance to grow wild with your partner, and much more. Everything in life starts to seem meaningful. However, one thing that people tend to forget with this is that marriage despite being beautiful can be gloomy too. 

You might have seen a couple tying the knot in front of everyone and then ending up in courts to call it quits. The reason behind all of this mainly is that things simply did not work out. Scary, is not it? Ever fear how it would be like to have things not working out with your spouse? Has the thought of you lost them ever crossed your mind? If no, it is time to consider this as well; and to take all the steps to ensure that your marriage never gets to face an end.

Here are the 7 ultimate ways to keep things smooth between you and your partner:

1. Be Expressive

Being expressive means that one needs to let out whatever they feel about their partners. From telling your spouse about your love for them to the things you dislike about them in a respectful way. Studies show that couples who did not confess their love daily to their partners were less happy than the ones who did. Researchers have also found that letting people know about your dislikes or grudges that you hold against them is important as it helps to eliminate them, and develops a better mutual understanding. Simply, put it is all about communication. Communicate with your partner. Talk about everything and anything you want to; do not let hesitation make its way between the both of you as it eventually pulls couples apart.

2. Avoid the ‘No-Resolution Conflict’ Behavior

This is a major thing that most of the couples tend to miss out and suffer in the end. Having fights and arguments with your husband or wife is extremely normal. However, making a fuss out of them, and further prolonging them by dragging in your ego or too many emotions is not. Therefore, make sure to put your ego aside for a moment, and talk the matter out. Learn to and practice forgiveness. Try not to repeat things that get on the nerves of your partner.

The line that best endorses the idea is as follows:

“Remember, it’s never you against your partner. It’s both of you against the problem.”

3. Make Time for Each Other

With the days passing by, our lives are getting busier. We all have a lot of things to look out on, and a lot of bonds to maintain. However, it is important for one to realize that no matter what your spouse stands out of the crowd here; they are the ones who will accompany you all this way down to your fate. Therefore, always give them time. It is your duty to give them your attention and make them feel loved.

4. Learn to Compromise 

No real thing is perfect in this world. We all have flaws, and so does your partner. They may have certain traits or habits that you do not like. Learn to comply with them, and adjust. In return, they shall too eventually. This makes marriage as smoothly as it can; there is just love, understanding, respect, no emotional burden and/ or no grudges.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is very important as it does not let anything make room for doubts in your spouse’s mind. Showing a non-consistent behavior in a marriage can make the other feel emotionally burdened or confused; a moment they feel special to you, and a moment they feel nothing to you. Therefore, be consistent.

. Be Intimate

Maintain steady physical contact with your husband or wife. Not only does it help you both get closer to each other, but keeps the spark of your romance alive! It is also important to note that this does not only refer to sexual contact. Leaving a peck while you drive off to the office, or hug them for reassurance are all important acts of intimacy.

7. Start a Family Together

Last but not least, embrace parenthood whenever you both feel ready enough as it is a huge responsibility on one’s shoulders. It helps your marriage grow stronger, and as an added plus, you will have someone to narrate the tales of life to when you’re old.


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