How to Celebrate Your Introvert Spouse Without Making Them Uncomfortable



When you get into a relationship with an introvert, you will learn rather quickly that they aren’t fond of having the spotlight pointed on them. This can make special events, such as birthdays and graduations, especially difficult. You want them to have a great time and not any anxiety issues. Here are some tips about how to celebrate your introvert spouse without making them uncomfortable.

Keep the Guest List Small

Most introverts get nervous at the thought of a large group of people staring at them. Eliminate the situation at the get-go by keeping the guest list extremely limited or down to just the two of you. Invite your spouse’s favorite people and leave it at that. Ask your spouse if they’d rather you did something alone or if you wanted to bring some close friends.

Avoid surprise parties. This can be more anxiety-inducing than celebratory for many introverts. Instead of feeling happy they have that many people they will feel like they have to entertain, host, and socialize with a large group they were not counting to see. This can backfire and cause panic.

Go Somewhere Without Too Many Crowds

A crowded bar or restaurant might not be the best option for someone who prefers to stay home. Consider having the party at someone’s house. If you do go to a bar or restaurant, go to one that has a side room where you can be away from everyone else.

Give Your Spouse Your Present in Private

When someone has to open presents, everyone stops and watches. Introverts want to limit this as much as possible. Give birthday gifts for your wife to her in private so that you can share the moment together as a couple. This also gives you the opportunity to explain your gifts to her without a crowd who might not understand your personal jokes. Don’t make her read cards from family or friends aloud in front of them.  Don’t make him read cards in front of the family or friends who gave them to him. Think of your specific spouse and their insecurities. Don’t belittle their discomfort even if you think it’s no big deal. You want to honor and respect their wishes.

Don’t Knock Tradition

Many introverts prefer a regular routine as opposed to something spontaneous. Instead of attempting to break up the monotony because hat’s what you would want to do, consider if they might feel comfortable going to your usual spot. Simply ask if they would like to go there or somewhere a little different.

Avoid Singing Happy Birthday or Making Speeches

Some people love the attention of everyone singing to them or talking to them. Others don’t necessarily see the appeal. Don’t do it just because it’s something that people are expected to do. Instead, skip that part for a quick, simple toast at the end of the night or with dessert.

Introverts are more internal and quiet people. Birthday parties can get loud and cause a lot of tension. Make it an event where the guest of honor is comfortable by having a special alone moment in private and skipping the singing.


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