A Guide for Choosing the Best Cremation Urns for Your Loved Ones



Our affection for our loved ones doesn’t necessarily wane even after they leave this world. Cremation Urns are containers used to carefully keep and commemorate the cremated remains of your loved ones. According to SmartChoice FS, a funeral material supplier, cremation urns come in various shapes and sizes.

You can find cremation urns made out of wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic. Due to the full range of materials, styles, shapes, and sizes, selecting the best cremation urn can be a challenging process.

Here is a guide that helps you understand all options so you can select the best cremation urn for your loved ones.

Different Sizes

The cremation urns come in various sizes, and they are generally grouped into four categories- child, adult, keepsake, and companion.

  • The Adult urn can hold the remains of an adult person weighing around 180-200 lbs before cremation.
  • The Child urn is smaller than Adult Urn and comes in a variety of sizes. Child urns are larger than keepsake urn.
  • The Keepsake urn is designed to hold a small portion of cremains measuring 2-3 inches. These urns are also called sharing urns. If the family decides to share the cremains of their loved ones, several members can use individual Keepsake urns to cherish a small portion of their loved ones.
  • The Companion urn can hold the cremains of more than one person. The capacity of the companion urn may vary depending on the external dimensions of the jar. According to SmartChoice FS, the companion urn can hold up to a total of 300 pounds of cremains.

How to Select the Right Size?

When selecting any cremation urn, make sure it is adequate space inside to store the cremains of your loved one. One essential thing you need to understand is never judging the capacity of the urn by its exterior dimensions. The external measurements are vital for placements. The containers have decorative edges or accents that give you a false impression of their capacity.

The urn capacity is measured in cubic inches. The standard adult urn capacity is around 200 cubic inches, which can hold the cremains of an individual weighing around 200 lbs. If your loved one measured 150 lbs before cremation, you would need at least a cremation urn having a capacity of 150 cubic inches.

Style and Material

When selecting a funerary urn, you need to choose the style that meets the personality and interests of your loved one.  Traditional urns are made of ceramic material or metal. They have a standard shape but come in different artistic styles.

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant option, you can consider a wooden box urn that can be embellished with a photo. Traditional jars can be decorated, painted, or even engraved for a personal touch. Urns can be created in any shape. You can order an entirely custom piece from SmartChoice FS to honor your loved one.

The above guide clears the air about different aspects of cremations urns. It helps you select the right one to preserve your cherished memories, which are no more part of the world.


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