A Guide to Navigating Proper Etiquette When It Comes to Addressing and Sending Out Wedding Invitation Cards



When couples announce that they are going to get married their families are overjoyed at their reunion and feel excited about the wedding that is going to come. After announcing the wedding many responsibilities fall on your shoulders and you have to complete them within time. Couples often maintain a journal in which they mention all the tasks they have done and those which have to be fulfilled.

Creating and designing marriage announcements is as important as sending them out on time. You need to make sure that your guests receive the wedding invite a few weeks before the wedding so that they can mentally and physically prepare themselves for the wedding. Sending out wedding invitations on time is a part of wedding etiquette that every couple needs to follow.

Wedding Etiquette for Couples:

Following wedding etiquette is essential for couples because when they follow the rules their guests will have all the information that they need to attend the wedding ceremony. When all the details are efficiently communicated to the guests small hurdles don’t occur before the wedding. Here is some wedding etiquette that every couple has to follow before their wedding.

  • Send Out Invites on Time: As you take your time to plan your big day, your guests also need to prepare for the wedding. Some people might have to travel from another city or location and will have to make travel arrangements. To make sure that your guests are comfortable and have the proper accommodation for your wedding send out the invites at least 1 month before the wedding. This will give them enough time to prepare for the wedding.
  • Include all Information: Whether you chose to design the cards yourself or chose to wed or save the date templates you can mention all the necessary details on them. The information has to be stated clearly so that your guests can understand it. This includes the time, date, and venue of the wedding ceremony. If you have any additional information that you want to share with your guests you can do it.
  • RSVP Instructions: Clear RSVP instructions are important on every wedding invitation card. For online cards, you can include the contact number as well as the URL for the point of contact but with printed cards, a contact number is more than enough.
  • No Abbreviations: When it comes to writing everything down on paper make sure that the words you are using are clear and concise. You do not want your guests to be figuring out the abbreviations that you have used on your card.
  • Address your Guests Properly: Addressing your guests in the right manner is important as people forget the gender and age of people while addressing the card. For single and married women of different ages cards are addressed differently. Do your research and spell everything out before sending your cards.

Following the right etiquette for your wedding invitation cards is going to make your cards look unique and beautiful. The formality of your special day will be reflected through these cards so make sure you do everything right. Remember to be polite and formal while writing your wedding cards.


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