He/She’s Just Not That Into You: 5 Signs They May Not Be Interested in a Relationship



You just got home from taking your mom for a bunionectomy surgery and you keep stressing about how you haven’t heard from the new guy or girl you’ve been dating in a few days. “Should I text them? Are they even interested in me?” The questions keep coming. Life’s too short to be in a relationship with someone uninterested in you. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 5 signs they may not be interested in a relationship, so you can stop wasting time!

1. They’re Inconsistent

If the guy or girl you’re dating isn’t consistent, it might mean that they’re not that interested in you. Maybe they say they want to make plans but never follow through. Or one date seems to go really well and the next you feel like there’s something off about them. At the beginning of a relationship, both partners should be excited to get to know one another, and their actions match their words. If you’re not seeing this in your love interest, it might be time to move on to the next.

2. They Don’t Talk About a Future With You

While you don’t want a partner who love bombs you, if they never talk about future plans with you, and we’re talking about the next time you’ll see one another, it could be that they aren’t interested in pursuing anything further with the relationship. When you’re dating someone who wants to know how the relationship might develop between the two of you, there’s no doubt that they’ll always be seeking out the next opportunity to hang out.

3. They Never Text First

Some people just aren’t into texting, but if you find that the person you’re dating is notorious for never texting first or texting back – it could indicate that they don’t really spend much time thinking about you. There’s nothing wrong with someone who’s bad at texting, but you don’t always want to be the one to keep the line of communication open. If you find that’s the case, they could be losing interest.

4. There’s No Physical Connection

Physical connection is incredibly important in a relationship; this doesn’t just mean lovemaking. Instead, physical connection means you can feel the attraction between you and your partner. If the physical connection seems to be lacking on their part, it might mean that you aren’t necessarily their type. Fret not, though, there are plenty of suitable partners who would – and it might be time to try and seek them out instead of wasting your time with someone who doesn’t see your beauty and value.

5. The Conversations are Dull

We all know how important communication is in a relationship. Should the conversations between you and your potential partner run dull, it could be a sign that there’s no real chemistry between the two of you. If you notice a lot of small talks or a lack of depth in your conversations, it’s probably likely that they’re not interested in getting to know you on a deeper, more intimate level.

There are many reasons that partners could exhibit the above behaviors that have nothing to do with their lack of interest in you. A lot of times, men and women can be emotionally unavailable or deal with their own issues. However, even if they are interested in you and displaying some of these behaviors, you need to figure out if it’s worth pursuing someone like that.


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