Having Conversations That Are out of Your Comfort Zone



You need to be able to handle talking about different subjects in a relationship, and you shouldn’t have to hold back in any way. Having said that, some topics and conversations you might not enjoy. But at those times, you need to remember that relationships aren’t always going to be about what you want all of the time, because your partner might truly enjoy talking about certain topics. And there’s nothing wrong with letting your partner know that you don’t know very much in a certain area or about a certain topic, but the way that you talk to your partner and express yourself can be even more essential, than what you actually might know or say about a topic.

There’s a certain type of kindness that we can display to our partner, and that goes for whether or not we truly want to talk about or discuss the matters that they do. And being that sometimes we’re not truly comfortable talking about certain things, it’s always nice to have an understanding partner who truly knows us on a deeper level, and knows our preferences of things we like, don’t like, and even what topics that we’re comfortable talking about.

No one should ever feel forced to talk about certain things when they don’t want to, or perhaps when they’re not ready to. That’s one way of really knowing that your partner truly loves you and has your best interest at heart. Someone who really, truly, and deeply loves you enough, will likely be understanding and sensitive to how you feel when it comes to anything in your relationship, including talking about different things that might be out of your comfort zone. 

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to date or be in a relationship with someone, you need to be able to accept the things that you can’t change. And you need to love your partner so much, so that you don’t try to change them or put them in uncomfortable situations once you truly know how they feel about them. And the only way to get deep down into their core and truly get to know someone is by testing the waters, talking with them on a deep level, and asking questions to find out what their comfort zones are and what they might enjoy doing or talking about.

But most of all, try to do your part in your relationship by being selfless, patient, and by trying to keep an open mind even when your partner brings up certain issues or topics that might make you uncomfortable. Try not to close up when your partner brings up a certain subject that might be sensitive or uncomfortable for you, and despite your discomfort, try to express yourself in a kind and loving manner so that will truly know how you feel. 

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