4 Ways to Make Your Family Holidays More Memorable This Year



When it comes to the holiday season, many of us look forward to spending precious time with our loved ones. Some of the best memories are made during the holiday season, and certainly ones that young children and older family members alike will remember for years to come. Here are four surefire ways to ensure that this year creates even more memorable moments with your family.

1. Meet at a Vacation House

Vacation homes are exciting to visit for many reasons. It’s a home you’ve never spent time in before, in a new city with a change of scenery for you to experience. Consider meeting up with your family this year in a larger vacation home instead of cramming all of your family members into someone’s home for the holidays. You can all enjoy experiencing some new scenery together while enjoying the holidays and creating memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

2. Plan to Attend an Event

Making memories and having memorable moments are always fun when your entire family spends time experiencing something new together. There are many events out there that take place during the holiday season. Some examples include tree lightings, plays, and concerts. See what’s available in the area that your family is planning on staying in, or in the area that you live in if you are unable to travel. No matter where you’ll be, there will certainly be something fun to do, and it will provide a new experience for all that attend. 

If there are no events near you, plan your own family event. Depending on the time of year you can have a cookoff, home decorating contest, snowman building race, or anything else that fits the culture of your family. For those who enjoy the celebratory events, purchase some wholesale Christmas crackers and noisemakers to commemorate special moments. If you like what you do enough, you may even want to make it a new tradition.

3. Have a Family Craft Session

Instead of using those store-bought bulbs on the tree this year, it’s time to have some home-made crafts. A great way to create more memories for your family is to enjoy a crafting session. Which is yet another memorable moment to enjoy with your family. Get a bunch of festive supplies and let everyone’s creativity shine. If one family member has a special skill like painting, sculpting, or wood burning, they can teach others in the family how to make ornaments in a new way. You’ll be sure to have a few laughs and awes throughout your crafting session. The best part is that you can relive those memories every single time you see the ornaments on your Christmas tree.

4. Spend Time Outdoors

One of the best memories that many of us have of the holidays involves being outdoors. Take your family to a slope or your favorite sledding spot. Make sure that there are enough sleds to go around and hit the slopes. This will be a fun time for the kids and a memory they won’t forget. From dad sledding down the hill to mom throwing a snowball, your kids will love the time that they get to share with you.

The holiday season is a time to slow down and think about all that we have in life. Spending more time around the family allows us to feel gratitude towards life and craft many new memories that will stick with us forever. To ensure that your family makes some good ones this year, try out the four ideas above.


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