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How many times have you heard the phrase “Your body is your temple”? As clichéd as it may sound, it’s undoubtedly food for thought. More often than not we tend to take our bodies for granted, especially when we’re young. Even if we decide to
implement self-care in our daily routine, we often do it superficially. Beauty isn’t (just) applying moisturizer twice a day or getting facials and body treatments in your local beauty salon. It’s taking care of yourself from the inside out. That means that the quality of food you consume directly affects your complexion, hair quality, and your general mood as well. These few tips will help you incorporate healthy habits into your life and show you the way to ageless beauty.

1. Treat Food as Medicine

Food is a big part of our lives. The division on healthy and unhealthy food is more or less something we’re all familiar with. But how much attention do we actually pay to understand what’s in our food? Probably very little or none. The nutrition is important because it regulates numerous processes in our bodies, and many believe it’s the best medicine there is. It restores, rejuvenates, and activates the natural elasticity in our skin. Foods that are rich with antioxidants, electrolytes, and probiotics reduce the risk of cancer and maintain your brain activity. Berries, nuts, citrus fruit, salmon, olive oil, and green tea are just some of the foods you should base your diet on. Stay away from refined sugar, excessive salt, and fast food in general. Remember – you are what you eat, so choose your meals carefully.

2. Base Your Diet on Fruit and Vegetables

Many scientific studies have shown the health benefits related to plant-based diets. Savouring lots of fresh fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It also directly affects your looks. Blueberries help fight ovarian cancer, strawberries slow the progression of aging, grapefruit lowers your blood pressure while carrots increase collagen production. Citrus fruit is full of vitamin C which makes the skin look bright and refreshed. Tomatoes will protect you from cardiovascular disease while mushrooms reduce the inflammatory activity in cells. In order to keep all those fantastic nutrients intact, it’s best to consume them fresh.

3. Keep Your Gut Healthy



A road to a healthy gut is paved with healthy bacteria. In order to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind, it’s important to take care of your gut. Cleaning your gut removes the toxins and supports its good health. One of the good ways to achieve that is quite simple and is by choosing the right gut health supplements that will not only remove the toxins but also nourish your gut. Some of the anti-aging benefits these supplements offer are enhanced memory and cognitive function, healthy bones and brain cells as well as beautiful, glowing skin. Staying youthful means feeling and looking our best and the only (right) way to do that is from the inside out. By taking care of your gut, you’ll enjoy your days feeling happy, healthy, and beautiful.

4. Make Your Plate Rainbowlicious!

The more colours you have on your plate, the more antioxidants you take. These guys are the ones that are fighting our anti-aging battle. Eating a variety of colours means you’re eating a variety of
foods and variety is the focal point of every diet. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, try to fill your plate with different types of vegetables, seeds, fruit, nuts or meat. Try to make your plate as close to a rainbow as you can. Just looking at that colour palette will boost your appetite. It is proven that we enjoy more in our meals if the food is visually appealing.

5. Good Old H2O

Considering that the average adult’s body is 60-70% water, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand how important h20 is to all of us. Not drinking enough water can have a bad influence not just on our looks but on
our overall health too. A small deficit will affect your cognitive function after that come headache and mood swings. Your skin becomes drier and more prone to wrinkling. Water is the most popular beverage in the world. Whether you like it plain or prefer to add a few slices of fruit and some mint in it make sure you drink plenty of it for it will cleanse your body and nourish your cells.

Taking care of your health will directly affect your beauty. As much as the skin products can help along the way, the right nutrition is the key. The first thing is to get clued up about the numerous benefits food has both on our health and looks. These tips will help you on that journey and ensure you incorporate some of these habits into your daily routine.

Mianna Korben

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