Why You Should Be Selfish and Go After What You Want



The holidays are coming and you know what that means—it’s time to give, give, and give. And speaking of holidays and being giving, I wanted to share my thoughts on taking, receiving, and doing nice things for yourself. Sometimes, it’s O.K. to be selfish and to do things for yourself. There are many people who are selfish by nature. As well, there are many people who already think of themselves a lot, and perhaps more than they should. This article is not for those types. Having said that, I’m hoping to shed some light onto those who tend to give all of the time, putting themselves last more than they should, and accepting the short end of the stick in life a little too often.

It’s imperative to care about your own wants and needs in life, and not merely about others. Many people struggle with this. However, this seems to be a bigger problem for empaths and people who tend to be very considerate and empathetic towards others, as well for the selfless types who when given a choice between giving and receiving, will always give, even if or when they have very little to give. Something that’s important to remember, is that it’s not just O.K. to take, receive, and to do nice things for yourself, or even to spoil yourself at times, but you should! You deserve to be happy and to feel good in life just as much as anyone else.

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