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Everyone is stressed out in the twenty-first century – the triggers are simply all around us, and it’s practically impossible to escape them. Fast-paced living of the modern society, work-centered living and the constant onslaught of visual stressors through multimedia have rendered us all jittery and anxious. Furthermore, free access to immense sources of information adds to the problem.  These stressors particularly affect women, as men tend to be stressed about a singular thing, but women are more prone to “sponging up” the causes that surround them. If you want to work on solving these issues, first you have to know what exactly everyday stressors for women are. 


It would probably be fairer to state that the “family” is one of the top stressors for women, but it’s hard to deny that the levels of stress go through the roof as soon as children are brought into the equation. Juggling the intricacies of family relations can be a nightmare in the world of social media and strained values, but everything pales in comparison when you need to keep the children in line. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if your child is two or fifty-two – for as long as you are alive and well enough to have an ability to act in a variety of circumstances, you will be worried about your child. The situation can get even worse if the child is hard to get along with because we all truly want to like our children as individuals. The best and the most palpable solution is to work on a socially-open relationship with your child, which can make the entire process of raising them a bit more tolerable. 


Owning a car is undeniably practical and the vehicle can be turned into a valued tool that promotes a better quality of life. Still, it is also almost universally a source of great stress. It becomes an additional financial variable that can turn a situation from bad to worse under the most unpredictable circumstances. 

By handling a vehicle, you’re opening a door to a whole list of potential problems, starting with accidents and unpredictable malfunctions that could happen in the worst moments. This is why having a mobile mechanic on speed dial can make all the difference in the world, and regular checkups and maintenance goes a long way. 

Health and Fitness 

Fitness and appearance are a particularly sore topic for most women – they tend to be more worried about how they look than men. So, apart from having health concerns, most women have an added sense of guilt when they do not exercise enough – which is an additional time-consuming activity that needs to be built into an already busy day. 

Furthermore, if the exercises are not properly laid out by a professional, and if a person has a dietary problem due to stress, the results might not show and an effort can look futile. Thankfully, this is where access to so much information can work in one’s favor as it has become much easier to find proper advice to exercise online. In addition, women tend to be more self-aware about their appearance due to societal pressure, and the times seem to be changing for the better in this regard. 


Fighting for equality between the sexes also means that more women have financial independence now than ever in history, but it also means that finances have turned into a major female stressor in the twenty-first century. It can be tough to make ends meet, especially if you have children. However, if you have managed to maintain good family relations and you are also engaged in a happy marriage with an individual that truly understands you, it will be possible to persevere through financial issues with conjoined efforts. Just remember that no man’s an island. 

Stressors lead to a cascade of ever-escalating symptoms and ailments that become quite embodied and physical. Cramps, headaches, sleep deprivation and back pain are the most common symptoms, but it usually doesn’t end there if the stress is not properly dealt with. In order to prevent more serious health issues, we all need to pinpoint what the exact stressors are and start the hard work from there – towards at least limiting them and their influence over our lives.


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