Feeling Distant? 6 Unorthodox Ways to Improve Your Relationships



Often, our spouses, family, and friends become dumping grounds for our own stress. Other times, we might find that we’re not sure why there’s suddenly so much distance between ourselves and our loved ones. If you’re struggling with a particular relationship issue or person, and you or they are feeling distant, you may need to change how you interact with them. Here are 6 unorthodox ways you can improve your relationships.

1. Take a Time-Out

Tough conversations can make us defensive. When threatened, we may say things we feel in the moment but don’t really mean. If you need to, take a time-out from when a difficult conversation becomes too much to give you time to think about your response. Waiting to talk until you’re calmer will cut down on future problems.

2. Treat Them

If your spouse loves a morning cup of coffee, bring a cup to their bedside. If your sister loves scarves, pick one up at the store and surprise her. Be mindful of your loved one and validate them by contributing to what they love. Be sure that you don’t only treat them when you feel that there’s a problem. It can be a good way to cheer them up and make them feel loved at any time.

3. Share Your Time

If you like tractor pulls and your brother likes opera, you may struggle to find reasons to hang out. However, sharing time is the best way to build a great relationship. You don’t have to be doing the same thing while you sit together. You can watch your tractor pulling while your brother listens to his opera, and you’ll still be spending time together. Earplugs or headphones may be the best investment either of you can make. If your activities aren’t overly involved, you can chat together while you work.

4. Make a Unique Investment

If you fight over laundry or housework, remember that paying for laundry by the pound is cheaper than divorce. Hire a housekeeper once a month and go for a walk while they work. Be ready to completely change your perspective, especially if these arguments are entrenched.

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5. Take Idea Walks

If money is tight or you just want to find some new entertainment together, try taking an idea walk. Idea or thought walks are walks where you allow yourself to get some fresh air and take inspiration from what is around you. It’s great for people looking to expand their creativity. Take your sister to a craft store or call your brother up and meet at a bookstore. If communications have been difficult, you may find that discussions about fabric, yarn, or books can be a great way to reconnect.

6. Be Thankful

If communication with anyone in your life has been really tough or challenging in some way, they may be ready to move away from you or you may be ready to move away from them. If you try to reach out and they respond, always be thankful and take care to cultivate a healthier relationship. Even if they don’t respond and you need to put the relationship away, be thankful for the lessons and good times you’ve had with them. Not every romance will work out, and siblings often drift apart. If you get another chance in the future, take it.

Deep connection with other people is rare and can be difficult to sustain. Be ready to be flexible and try new things. Even if it’s not your favorite, revel in the joy of watching your partner, family members, and friends enjoy themselves. This will strengthen your relationships and help you grow closer together.


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