A Deeper Look into Appreciation and Relationships



One of the most beautiful attributes people have is when they show gratitude towards others for things that they do. Being thankful and appreciative of all that you have in life plays a major role in how much inner peace you feel, and in how you’re perceived by others. As well, being appreciative shows others gratitude, and to a certain extent, confirms a person’s lack of ego and arrogance, makes them appear humble, and more than anything, it makes someone want to do more for you when they feel that you appreciate them. Expressing your appreciation towards someone for all that they do can truly make a big difference in how they feel afterward.

I know many people that are such givers, endlessly giving and doing things for others, and that they say things like, “No thanks needed.” In case you’ve seen the movie, “As Good as It Gets,” it’s incredible, but they definitely used the phrase there as well. Just know this, even when someone says that there are no thanks needed, and they’re doing things simply to make you happy, and not to get anything back in return, you need to still show your gratitude. Say thank you anyway, despite the fact that they don’t need to hear any type of appreciation, or at least that they say so, because it will be soothing to them, and shows what kind of person you are (an appreciative one).


When it comes to relationships, we all want to feel loved and appreciated by our partners. No one wants to feel that their partner doesn’t appreciate them for all that they do. When people start to feel that their partner doesn’t appreciate everything that they do for them and possibly even for their family, children, etc., their partner might become bitter, agitated, and want to stop doing the things that they’re doing. You see, many times when someone does things for their partner, and they see that they’re not acting appreciative of them for what they’re doing, they won’t want to do it anymore. No one wants to feel that they’re obligated to do things. Especially, when they don’t merely even get a genuine thank you.

People need to feel appreciated. When you’re in a relationship or married to someone and they don’t feel your gratitude, it can end up building up over time if they don’t express themselves. Let your partner know if you don’t feel that they’re appreciating you. Maybe it will be a wake-up call to them, and perhaps they didn’t even realize that they never or rarely show you their appreciation. Maybe they weren’t raised in the same manners as you. Not to put your partner down, but there could be a lot of truth to the fact that they weren’t raised in a way in which saying please and thank you were taught to be such a big deal to them. We were all raised differently, and some parents simply don’t care and are more permissive in that way.

There’s nothing wrong with communicating your feelings in a kind and loving manner in regards to feeling that your partner doesn’t appreciate you. Don’t let things build-up, and then grow one large package of, “You don’t appreciate me!” to your partner. You should always nip things in the bud, speak your mind, and fearlessly communicate your feelings to your partner. Sure, you shouldn’t have to tell your partner what might seem to you as commonsense. But, if you want them to learn and grow as a person, then you should speak up.

Letting your partner know that they never seem to show thanks to you or others can be life-changing, and your partner should embrace that the fact that you speak your mind comfortably. Just remember to be kind and sweet when you bring up the subject. If someone doesn’t say thank you one time, it might not seem like such a big deal. But just think, if by some chance you have children together, and even more so, if you already do, they need to learn proper manners and the importance of being thankful and appreciative. Parents and adults need to set a good example. But remember to discuss things as such in private and not in front of your kids so that your partner doesn’t feel like a child, but more so, a partner that you respect.

Letting your partner know how much you appreciate them doesn’t have to be something expressed on the long occasion or only when they do something now and then. We should appreciate our partners every single day. There are endless ways in which we can express our gratitude. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s one thing in life that can’t be overused and that’s showing appreciation. When someone says thank you too much, sure, it can get annoying. I’m sure that we’ve all gone on dates with people that were perhaps overly thankful (or maybe we were at times). Still, I’m sure that you ultimately knew at that moment or perhaps right after the fact that it was coming out of a good place.

Saying thank you can be pretty generic when it’s repeated too much. We all need to learn to truly express ourselves, and connect with our partners by telling them specifically why you feel thankful, and why you appreciate them. When you express why you’re thankful, it will hit home much harder to them, than merely saying thank you. What we say and how we express ourselves is everything when it comes to communicating our feelings. This goes for men and women. When I say that saying please, thank you, and being specific in letting your partner know how much you appreciate them, and why you’re so thankful to have them in your life is so imperative is because it helps maintain the happiness in your relationship.

Being happy at the beginning of a relationship is pretty common, and that’s why it’s referred to as the honeymoon phase. I always write about the fact that you can make the honeymoon phase last for a lifetime if you go about it the right manner. There are many ways to keep that fire and passion alive in your relationship, and in your marriage. If people put a little more effort into expressing themselves, than simply saying thank you (if you even do that), your partners will connect with you and feel appreciated on a whole new level, and will likely appreciate you for letting them know how you feel. Expressing your feelings to your partner as to why you appreciate them so much is something that will truly help maintain the love and happiness within your relationship.

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14 thoughts on “A Deeper Look into Appreciation and Relationships

  1. My husband always tells me how much he appreciates me which is lovely. We recently lost his father and life has been a struggle for us looking after his 90 yo Mum. I came home last week to find a new tablet on the bed. My e-book had broken a month or so ago and although it is my birthday next month he wanted to surprise me. He also makes special dinners for me and shows me every day how much he loves me. I’m one lucky lady.

  2. I think a lot of people give up in relationships because they just don’t feel they can make their partners happy anymore. And that may be true or completely false. Communicating our needs is just as important as expressing our gratitude and appreciation. Great post, Anne. 🙂

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