Brand Monitoring on Instagram Enhances Footfall on Fashion Sites



In order to accomplish your business goals or your desire to increase traffic on your fashion sites making the best of your social media accounts such as Instagram, you do not have to be present on each and every social media channel.

This is because managing every account is quite a task and will need a lot of time and effort from you. Since time is money, you do not have that luxury to waste it, even though it takes nothing to set up a social profile. For example, Facebook and Twitter are two great social media platforms for interacting with social followers especially for the B2C type of business.

Yes, you can also consider other social channels but you will also have to consider the cost factor in order to make your marketing efforts successful. For example, you can use Slide Share but that may not be the most suitable one for fashion products specifically. This is because this platform is meant for heavy and complex information which can be presented to the target audience in a simple and easy to understand way.

People Typically Go to Slide Share to Come To:

  • Know about topics that involve complex issues and get educated in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Find better and more dynamic solutions to their problems and of course.
  • To see some great presentations.

However, you can make the best of another specific channel to meet your business goals, Instagram. All you have to do is get a large number of followers on this platform. There are lots of ways in which you can achieve this such as:

  • Selecting and posting the right pictures at the right time.
  • Following and engaging with your followers.
  • Getting in touch with some of the most renowned Instagram influencers and others.

However, the best way to gain more followers for Instagram is brand monitoring.

Be More Practical

In order to understand the power of brand monitoring, you will need to be both practical and hypothetical.

If you own a fashion brand and want to promote your fashion products in a better way, you will need to search for a specific hashtag that is related to your brand or product.

  • This will help you to know what exactly people are talking about in your city about your specific items.
  • It will also help you to find them and get to interact with them more easily.
  • You can also make special offers to them with this simple # sign.

The reasons why most fashion brands prefer Instagram over other social media platforms when it comes to promoting their fashion brands and products are:

  • Most of the other platforms are good for B2B or Business to the Business type of interactions and environments.
  • Instagram allows you to post images, infographics and videos of your product only and anything that is relevant to your specific brand just like Pinterest.
  • Instagram also allows you to show the human side of your business as well as your work culture through photos and other visual elements.

In fact, Instagram is the most popular channel not only among the fashion brands but also for all other retailers who want to showcase their product in the best possible way and make the best of their social followers.

Reach Goals More Comprehensively

With the human element portrayed, which is the core element of business, Instagram offers brands with a perfect opportunity to:

  • Reach out to more and more people
  • Interact with them
  • Make them more engaged and interested in the brand and product
  • Increase in sales prospects and business revenue.

Since every business involves, belongs and is meant for groups of people, Instagram is perhaps the only social platform that can make the products look more attractive to people so that they find both your fashion product and brand interesting.

This will make them want to know more about your product and gather other information about your brand, business, and people, including you. They will eventually visit your site by clicking on the link on your Instagram profile, which ideally you should not forget to put in, and thereby increase the number of organic traffic to your fashion site.

Therefore, it can be said that Instagram will help you to reach your goals as well as your targeted audience more comprehensively and easily.

Get Close to Your Followers

When you talk about the cost factors, brand monitoring on Instagram will cost you practically nothing apart from the time you put in. This time will, in fact, be nothing when compared to the benefits that you will receive in terms of an increase in traffic to your fashion site and an increase in the sales prospects. All you have to do is simply get closer to your followers with better interaction and know how you can close a deal.

Instagram actually is all about being present and by the side of your followers, and most importantly keeping them in the loop with the latest launch. In order to do that, you will need to know first what you should post on Instagram port any other social networks for that matter.

  • Ideally, you should post elements that will attract more people more easily
  • Help them to understand what you want to say in the most comprehensive manner
  • Engage them, even more, to raise the interest in your product and carve to know more about
  • Visit your site for that matter.

Therefore, once you are done with filling out your profiles fully, you should then focus on perhaps the most important aspect of Instagram marketing: creating and publishing your posts.

In order to select the right picture of your product, you should first know what your target audience likes and also know about your competition if you find that they are doing better than you, much or somewhat.

This will help you to do better than your competitor and provide better info about your product to your audience. This will encourage them to buy from you, and if not at least visit your site to know more.


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