How Can You Buy the Right Shower Screens?

Shower Screens

After getting good sleep, bathing is the most relaxing time of your day. Most people choose to shower, but do you know that it leads to some wastage of water? Shower screens help save time and water too. Apart from that, the bathroom is a slippery zone, and you can slip due to it and injure yourself. In this case, you can make a separate area for your shower and install shower screens. They enhance your bathing experience. People call them the shower enclosure doors too.

What Are the Shower Screens?

If you are working on renovating your bathroom, consider enclosing your shower with curtains or shower screens. No doubt, shower screens are better in comparison to curtains. Besides, it is quite simple to clean, and these are set up with the help of a hinge and attached to the wall.

All shower screens are made of glass panels of varying thicknesses. Shower screens stop the water from flowing to the surrounding area of the bathtub. They are transparent or fully opaque design. You can give a modern look to your bathroom by installing such shower screens. Plus, such screens can provide the utmost privacy and you can feel comfort by taking a bath inside your own shower cubicle.

Kinds of Shower Screens

Three Main Types of Shower Screens Are As Follows:

  • Single Panel: It consists of a single glass panel which is fixed to the wall with a hinge. It can be attached to the edge of a straight bath. Besides, they are the easiest to clean. They are also available in frameless designs and you can install them as freestanding shower screens. The L-shaped screen is the best example that has a small panel at the far end.
  • Double Panel: Double panel screens can be opened in many ways. Their function is like the shower doors. If you have a more prolonged bathtub in your bathroom, then you can install this screen.
  • Folding Screen: Folding shower screens are regarded as perfect for showering comfortably. It allows you to have spacious space in the bathroom. These kinds of screens are closed by folding them inwards or outwards.

Some Tips for Buying the Right Shower Screen

Shower Screens

Decide your Budget

The planning of the budget is vital because cheaper shower screens can break easily. Moreover, their quality will be reduced. Prefer to spend a little extra money if you can, and you must choose the best quality shower screens only. Cheap quality screens will not last long, but it will do the same thing as expensive shower panels do. Therefore, before making any decision, plan your budget.

Bathroom Size

Make sure to have spacious space in your bathroom. Measure the area of the shower space and its surroundings. For most people, a frameless screen with transparent glass is appropriate.

If you have ample space, then any shower screen can be attached to your bathroom. You can find different kinds of shower screens online and you can choose the best one according to your bathroom size.


Maintaining these panels is a tough job. You must choose the one that can be kept clean. Frameless panels with the fuss-free design are easy to maintain.

Fixing shower screens on your own may damage it. Hire an expert who will install the shower screens properly. Many shower glass panels of various sizes are available at the online store. You must make the right choice once to get a shower screen for a lifetime for your bathroom. Their cost is dependent on the size and designs.

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