Everything You Need to Know About Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing

The elegance and appearance of timber floors are incomparable. Cleaning the hardwood floor often maintains its radiant look. If someone has never done timber floor sanding and polishing before but feels that they want to try the technique, then opting for professional aid is the way to go. Some businesses charge for the sanding and polishing process but at a reasonable amount.

Many people want to save money by refinishing their floor instead of replacing them. Let’s find the total cost of timber floor sanding and polishing and other essential details regarding this process.

What Is Floor Sanding?

The technique of timber floors sanding and polishing is an excellent way to give a new look of the floors. The first step in this technique is floor sanding. This process is done with the help of a drum sander and edge sander. Drum sander can’t reach the edges of the timber floor, so we must use an edge sander. For a perfectly finished floor, sanding must be done four times. Do not be there when floor sanding is going on by experts. The equipment generates extreme sound. If anyone wants to observe the sanding process, then wearing ear protection is crucial.

What Is Timber Floor Polishing?

There are two types of polishing methods used by professionals, including Polyurethane and oil-based resins. The former is more popular and used on a large scale by companies and individuals. Before performing polyurethane polishing, workers wear an eye protector and gloves because fumes of the polyurethane are toxic. This is a risky thing to do, so leave it to companies. Do not try to do it by yourself. Resins area good option too as it is safer than the above.

How Much It Cost for the Complete Sanding and Polishing?

On average, it will cost around $1.5 to $4 per square foot. This is not a fixed cost because timber floors have varying sizes and conditions. It’s the most important thing to do when the floor is losing its beauty and health. Timber floor sanding and polishing companies charge differently for old and new floors. It may involve additional costs as well.

Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing


Important Things to Know About Sanding and Polishing Floors

  • The cost for small rooms is higher than the large rooms
  • If anyone wants to stain, then they must be ready to pay some extra amount
  • Before this, remove all the furniture from the room
  • Remove the carpet lying on the floor
  • Sanding can make the curtains dirty
  • Water-based polyurethane will cost higher than the solvent-based

Benefits of Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

  • Enhance beauty with the timber floor sanding and polishing process. As the floor becomes old, the surface looks quite bad. Its color can fade too. Timber floor sanding and polishing revamp its appearance giving a beautiful look to the room.
  • It improves the conditions of damaged floors. Marks, dents, and scratches ruin its nature.
  • Professional timber floor sanding and the polishing company will restore the original beauty of the floor.
  • Some homeowners may be planning to sell their home. If there are hardwood floors, give attention to its health. It may need sanding and polishing. This will increase the resale value of the home. Before deciding to sell it, ensure that the floors are polished in the best way.
  • Scratches or any other thing that has influenced the appearance of the timber floor will be removed intelligently by a sanding and polishing service.

Some individuals can learn and do timber floor sanding and polishing, but most homeowners rely on companies that charge less. If homeowners understand the importance of timber floors when it turns too old, then they should consider sanding and polishing now.


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