How Important Is Hygiene When Two People Start Living Together



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Living Together- the Perfect Decision

Every now and then, couples decide that they want to move in together without giving it too much thought. While it may sometimes be true that there is no perfect moment for such a decision, it is also true that jumping into this decision without thought can be fatal for your relationship.

Over the past few years, though, as the trend of people living together picks pace, it becomes more and more apparent that now, more than ever people are jumping to the decision. The graph below sums up this very information.

It shows the respective age limit and percentage of women that jump into cohabitation by age. People who are 30-34 years of age are the people that exhibit this trend the most.

Hygiene When Moving In Together

Of course, when the number of couples living together is increasing, the number of issues of those couples will too. However, one of the most recurring aspects of such habitation is that too many couples are unable to speak out about hygiene issues that may bug them.

What Does It Mean for Hygiene to Be Such an Important Factor? Here Is What:

Oral Hygiene

Hygiene is not always the most apparent issue in a relationship. Hygiene (or the lack of it thereof) may stem up in subtle ways. It may not always be that your significant other does not do their laundry on time. Bad breath, dirty teeth, loose teeth, gum bleeding, and so on, may all be symptoms of bad oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene, for instance, is one issue that most couples tend to take for granted. There could potentially be hundreds of reasons behind this. For instance, simple laziness. However, some issues are more complex.

For instance, 42.1% of children in 2016 in England did not visit an NHS dentist during the year. When they do not have a habit of visiting the dentist, how would they keep up with their oral health?

But a more precise reason for poor oral hygiene is simply that it becomes more and more difficult to have perfect oral hygiene when moving in. Previously it was observed that women 30-39 were those that would cohabitate. Supplementing that with the knowledge in the graph shows the real reason.

As the graph shows, the number of tooth decay over the lifespan is the third-highest for ages 20-39 (the age where most people make the decision of moving in). Tooth decay then tends to speed up all symptoms of poor oral hygiene, making it more difficult to control.

On the other hand, there have been claims that women, rather than men, are more likely to consult dentists about their issues even if they may feel more nervous while doing so.

What You Wear

According to an underwear hygiene study by Tommy John, about 46% of Americans claim to have had the same pair of underwear for more than one year, and 45% have claimed to have worn their underwear for two days or longer! No matter how much you love your mypakage underwear, there is no way that wearing it for weeks is acceptable.

But it turns out, women in the relationship are not as guilty of this poor hygiene than men are. In fact, men are 2.5 times more likely to wear the same underwear for a week than women are. Then you wonder why you don’t get any action even when you live together.

But it is not just your dirty undergarments that are an absolute turnoff for your significant others, but also the body odors that come with it. Even if you bathe regularly, you cannot get rid of the odors if you are wearing the same underwear even after you take a bath.

If it was about the quality of your undergarments, though, that too influences hygiene. While experts recommend that the best material for undergarments, especially for women, is cotton rather than polyester. Therefore, buying the best underwear is not just about durability but also hygiene.


One in every five people does not wash their hands! Of the one that does, only about 30% use soap! Forget about hygiene when most people do not even know how to wash their hands properly.

While you may think your partner does not notice it, they do. This is especially true for when you touch them or feed them as a part of displaying your affection. You really do not want that to happen.

How to Deal with It?

Yes, all of these can be major turn-offs and create a real divide between you and your loved one. But really, if dealt with correctly, it can yield great results for your relationship. After all, it is not every day that you move in with someone; it is definitely worth the effort.

But let’s make it clear right at the outset, staying quiet about bad hygiene is not the ideal option. Here is what you do:


For the small habits and unhygienic instances, it is always better to hint at better options. Rather than telling your loved one to change themselves outright, talk about how much you love a certain kind of hygiene, pleasant body odor, for instance.

In most cases, since partners are willing to compromise for you, hinting does work. However, in many cases, it may not. In those cases, and in cases where the habit may be drastic, it may become necessary to directly discuss with your significant other.

Of course, this might hurt their self-image (something you definitely do not want to do to your loved one), but discussing the issue is way better than ruining a relationship over it. When you do, there is a very good chance that you will see a change.

And then you will realize how truly special your person is and how much they value you. That is the dream (wink wink)!


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