How Quality Screen Doors Can Give You Better Protection



Quality screen doors are placed on the outer side of the exterior door. It is normally a netted one, which helps to maintain a soothing temperature according to the season and restricts bugs and pests from entering the home.

These restrict the movement of pests and bugs but let in fresh air continuously. Some screen doors are attached with a glass panel to let air pass at one’s discretion. When a screen door is maintained properly, it can be used for decades and would not need frequent replacement. The sliding screen doors are a popular choice nowadays which have several benefits.

Benefits of Sliding Screen Doors

There is a myriad of entrance door designs and sliding screen doors are also available with a wide range of colors, designs, and materials.

  • Energy Efficient – When the glass panel of the screen door is covered, it prevents any air leakage or misuse of any energy. You can go for installing the sliding doors, as they reduce the overall electricity bill of your home.
  • Ventilation without any bugs – A sliding screen door helps to enjoy the fresh air from outside, as a screen door allows the air to come in, but no pests or bugs can enter to disturb the serenity of your surroundings. Moreover, pets and kids could be managed in a better way.
  • Increased security – On a sunny and breezy day, you may want to keep the front door of your house open. A sliding screen door when installed can let you enjoy the calm and nice weather with added security.
  • Helps add value to one’s home – Sliding screen doors can help home sellers fetch a better price, as a sliding screen door helps add value to a home. The exterior door of a home can be made even more aesthetically appealing by installing a matching screen door. You can install the sliding doors during your home refurbishment and check the same when you go for any specific commercial refurbishment also.
  • The front door gets protection – The front door is obviously more expensive than the screen door. The sliding screen door not only helps screen out unwanted elements but also helps protect the front door from getting exposed to strong sun or rain.
  • Visually appealing – Most sliding screen doors add to the beauty of most modern home styles. This not only gives the homeowner a picturesque view of the outside but also creates a visual appeal. Glass allows proper reflection, and it is visually appealing, so it gives the best aesthetic value to your home as well.
    Putting up a sliding screen door is a cost-effective investment as it provides several benefits apart from being just a screening door. One should pick up the right kind of screen door from the basic types. The basic types are:
  • Traditional type – This is the basic sliding screen doors available to be found mostly in the side or back entrance of a home. This is generally fitted in front of the porch and fits in the outer part of the exterior door jamb, and open outwards
  • Sliding screen doors – This type comes with several advantages like bringing in better air from outdoors and helping you relax. You can install the sliding screen doors that you can operate as both manual and motorized versions.

Sliding screen doors can be invested upon and many add –ons can be installed to give a nice view of the exterior and give protection against pests and bugs. You can now customize the glass designs and the sliding component matching parts that blend fine with the rest of the décor of your home.


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