All The Details You Need To Know About Screen Doors



Everyone wants to improve the quality of their home living. Paint jobs, furniture renovation, a shed in the backyard are something that makes a home more appealing and comfortable. Another idea to improve the façade of the home is by installing a screen door. A screen door is basically a protection door covering the exterior door and providing protection from the insects and mosquitoes. A screen door furthermore increases the life of the facade door as they provide safety from the heat, ice, rain, and keep the inside area insulated. You can choose PVC or wooden doors that are a single hinged type or you can also get folding doors that can be of the best variety.

Purposes Of A Screen Door

Screen doors are commonly made from aluminum, wood, PVC, and fiberglass. Every screen door custom made according to the measurement of the door. During the buying screen door, you should know the exact measurement of the door and door jambs. These are not heavy in mass, thus easily manageable and don’t put much of the pressure onto the other mainframe.

With the minimum efforts, it stops the entering of insects, debris trespassing into the home. A screen door plays a vital role in house security by adding another level of protection. Alongside protection and safety, they do increase the insulation of the house. A screen door also adds an additional buffer against elements. You can install simple glass or frosted or etched glass to get your home and commercial place decorated in the best possible manner.

Things To Keep This In Mind While Buying The Screen Door



  • One of the biggest blunders we do often is that we buy a screen door based on its looks. That door is actually not a screen door we need for our needs. Always keep in mind that a screen door is not a heavy door as it will cause inconvenience during moving in and out from the house for you and for your children. Screen doors are more ideal for people in extreme weather areas.
  • You should consult professional assistance for installation. These doors are simply available in a variety of designs and silhouettes. A professional would make sure to fit the door in order not to harm the entry door ‘s operation and maximizing benefits. Check the hinge and the pilot channels before you start the door installation process.
  • You must always choose quality over the budget. Basically, screen doors are not so expensive, and we should always go for the high-grade material quality door. A low-grade screen door would also be less efficient in providing home insulation also.

Types of Screen Doors

There are major three types of screen doors that are generally used in the house.


1. Hinged Screen Doors

These doors are often called as storm doors and are of the swing type. These types of doors are commonly used on the façade door and easily blend in the main door frame.

2. Retractable Screen Doors

These are a version of pocket doors attached to the face of the exterior door. These doors are made up of lightweight aluminum metal.

3. Sliding Screen Doors

These glass-paneled screen doors are not used on the front of the house. These types of doors are generally constructed with standard or solar screen fiberglass mesh with a stainless steel or PVC frame.

A screen plays a vital role, not in the protection of the house. They provide a great appeal and interest to the home. A screen door is worth buying. Having said that, you simply need to know your requirements. You can now get the secret screen and the retractable double screen doors that give you durability and an aesthetic sense.


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