How to Get Back on Track With Your Health After a Move



Packing up and moving to a new home is a complicated process. From the big things like furniture to the little details like keys and internet access, it often seems there’s a never-ending list of logistical issues to deal with. But as you start to get settled in a new home, it is vital not to forget what is truly most important in your life: your health. Here are a few suggestions to help you sort out your health situation after a big move.

Find a New Primary Care Physician

The first step after moving to a new city is finding a
primary care physician. This is the doctor you’ll go to for yearly check-ups and most non-emergency appointments. It is also who you’ll need to go through for referrals to a specialist.

If you know anyone in town, it can be a good idea to ask around for advice on a good primary care doctor. You can also use the internet to investigate. Once you have some possibilities lined up, it is a simple matter to give the office a call and ask if they are accepting new patients.

Find a New Dentist

Dental care is an integral part of maintaining your overall health, and shouldn’t be overlooked after a move. Even if you don’t have any problems with your teeth,
preventative dental care is essential to avoid any problems down the road. As with a primary care physician, ask around town for advice on a good dentist, or look for information on the internet. Don’t wait too long to find your new dental care provider. Get back on track with your regular cleanings and checkups as soon as you can. 

Make Note of Nearby Emergency Services

While nobody plans on a future medical emergency, it is important to remember that you never know when a difficult situation could arise. That is why you should research local services upon arrival in a new place. Find the nearest hospital with an emergency room and make note of its exact location. Also look into local urgent care centers, which can be an excellent choice for time-sensitive problems that don’t quite warrant an emergency room visit. Make sure you know which hospitals are covered by your insurance as well. This will help you immensely in the case of an emergency

Find Healthy Options

Medical care is only one aspect of a truly healthy life. Physical fitness and healthy habits are also essential to keeping your body in tip-top condition. Find a gym near your new home or places where you can get outside and exercise. Also, look for markets and stores that sell healthy food. That way you’ll maintain your health in your new home. Stock up on healthy food options in your new home and avoid the temptation to buy frozen meals for a while. Don’t let a change in your life affect your healthy habits too much.

Moving can be an adjustment. You will have many distractions throughout the process. However, you don’t have to put your health on the back burner. Follow the above tips to get back on track with your health.


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