Big Data Can Power Your Upcoming Easter Marketing Campaign



As a digital marketer, you cannot afford to throw darts in the dark. Experience and intuition are all great resources but they’re inefficient when it comes to designing a potent marketing campaign. With Easter arriving in less than a month, it’s time to turn towards relevant and accurate data.

It’s estimated that Americans spend $18.1 billion on Easter. Interestingly, people are not just buying eggs and chocolate bunnies on this day but clothes, home goods and a slew of other items as well. Many market players will be vying to get a slice of the Easter shopping pie –to compete and win; your online marketing will need to be precise, strategic and goal-oriented.

This is where big data comes into play. It provides authentic insights into customer behavior that can lead to better decision making. Here’s how big data can uplift your next Easter marketing campaign.

More Personalized Advertisement

Everything is about personalization in the year 2020. Whether it’s YouTube’s video recommendation or the advertisement Google and Facebook throws your way, big data is being used for targeting personal preferences. If you have been watching DIY tutorials on YouTube, the website will suggest similar videos. A simple search for sofas will result in Google sending an army of furniture ads your way.

All this is the work of big data. Digital marketers can incorporate tools such as Google Analytics to determine customers’ interests ahead of Easter. Many companies collect cookie files to analyze customer behavior online. This can help marketers create buyer personas that comprise of background, purchasing pattern and behavior. For instance, marketers may find out that Millenials value different traditions than Generation X when it comes to Easter. Information like this will be of great use to businesses, small and big alike.

Singling Out Effective Content before the Occasion

As online marketers, we put in great energy into creating content that will encourage customers to buy the product and services. But how we do find out which social media or blog post helped us achieve this objective? Only big data has the answer.

Now, you don’t need to take a guess whether your video content strategy is bearing any fruits. Tools such as content scoring tell which pieces of content were successful in winning over customers. Marketers can determine which content topics can compel visitors to make a purchase. Not only does it save valuable time, it sets your business on the right path. This information can be vital at an event like Easter. Instead of wasting time creating ineffective content, you can design Easter-related blog posts that will have the highest chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

Choosing the Right Marketing Mediums

It is estimated that Americans look at their mobile phones 52 times a day. Moreover, 19% of Easter shopping gets done through smartphones.  Customers shop differently on mobile devices as oppose to when they are on a desktop computer. Big data can single out prevailing online shopping trends and consumer behaviors that can help businesses determine the right marketing channels. It can upgrade your customer acquisition process and create better opportunities for mobile shopper conversions.

Determine an Easter Pricing Strategy

Pricing becomes extremely important in the holiday season when everyone and their uncles are offering discounts. This is where traditional resources of price strategy such as product cost, demand and competitor’s analysis prove to be insufficient. Thanks to big data, you can examine plenty of other factors such as data from completed deals, performance-based information, and incentives to create a more thorough pricing plan. Using big data that illustrate customer preferences along with general economic information can help businesses gain valuable information.

What products has a customer been purchasing over the last three years? What’s their disposable income and how much can they afford to pay? The answer to these questions along with macroeconomic indicators like inflation rate, GDP growth rate, and exchange rate can all be factored in to create an efficient pricing strategy. And since pricing can be a make or break factor in occasions like Easter, the role big data play is absolutely critical.

Optimal Design for Better Campaign

Creating optimal designs is important throughout the year but more so during the shopping season. Analytics from big data helps marketers create optimized interfaces that can be used to influence customers. It can help you determine whether Progressive Web Application is something you should consider.  Along with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology, big data provides insights that help businesses craft logos with font styles and colors that boost customer engagement. With shoppers having multiple options for their Easter shopping, having the optimal design can give your business a competitive advantage. It can also lower design costs, making your venture more profitable in the process.

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