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When it comes to the different ways of communicating, one of the most effective apart from sending an email or calling a person, is to text them. Chances are you will get a reply sooner than you think. If you are looking to get your ex back, this can be a helpful tool to use as it comes with an array of different emoji expressions that can help add a third dimension to the words, for instance, a smiling face to a sad face, says a lot more than just words.

An ‘emoji’ is a Japanese term coined years ago which directly translates to picture character and stands for a ‘pictograph’ when the concept was first rolled out. It is a selection of different smileys and ideograms that can be used alongside your text messages, find out more about this popular idea here.

A Few Advantages of Texting In General

Texting is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across to someone. As well, when you are trying to get your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back, it can be a helpful way to communicate without sounding too angry or too happy and things can be kept neutral. Plus, if you ever forget what they said, you can refer back to it.

They can be read at a later stage when someone is busy and they can reply at their own pace. They are also one of the most immediate forms of communication, the minute you send the message it gets to the receiver within seconds.
Texting also doesn’t necessarily need an internet connection. You can do it for free if you share the same network, or you can do it via mobile data. So unlike WhatsApp texting, mobile texting can be done with or without wifi.

When you break up, often the things people say hurt, and a lot of the messaging is done via text messaging, this is in a way, helpful because you can go back to any discussions you may have had with your ex to try and rectify things.

Why You Should Text Your Ex Rather Than Call Them

Sometimes breaks ups aren’t healthy or done properly and both parties can get hurt in the process. One way of trying to fix things or getting your point across without being shouted at or interrupted is through texting.

There Are However a Few Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Doing This So As Not To Repeat the Same Mistakes As Before:

  1. First, ask yourself why you want to text them? Perhaps you are missing them or you need to explain something properly that may have been misinterpreted the first time.
  2. Also, ask yourself why you want your ex to come back? Find the best reasons first and if you do have good reasons, ask yourself if you think it’s a good idea to get back together again?
  3. Have you changed since you broke up? Have they changed? If nothing has changed then perhaps you need to re-think the move.

Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Get Your Ex Back

When it comes to sending texts, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. These mistakes are liable to ruin your efforts of trying to get your ex back through any texts you send them. There are a few simple and helpful types of texts to send your ex and then there are the ones that an absolute no-go. You shouldn’t even think about them.

For instance, if you are emotional, and feeling sad or lonely, or desperate for that matter, you should never message them because it is not who you would normally be in general, all things aside. Emotions tend to cloud our judgment and you should rather be in a more stable and calmer mentality when you send them any messages.

Examples of These Bad Types of Texts You Should Stay Away From Include:

  • You are a rotten person, and I am so glad we aren’t together anymore.
  • How could you leave me like this?
  • I won’t be able to survive without us/you.
  • I need you, I am lonely without you.
  • I hope you are miserable.

Well, you get the gist of it.

To Text or Not To Text – That Is the Question

Some people think texting their ex on special occasions is fine, while others use these occasions as an excuse to text the other person. Both of these reasons will make you seem desperate. However, if you genuinely think you should wish them, then you can do so with a simple message, and keep the emotions out of it. Be diplomatic and they will probably respect you more for it, than if you come out all desperate and anxious.

Let’s face it, nothing in life is guaranteed, and especially relationships. But treating it the right way during and after the break-up can help give you some self-respect and maturity in the process plus others will also see you as a respectable and mature person.

There are tons of reasons people end relationships, not just when they are dating but also when they are married and have children. Always be a genuine person. If you think the break up was the wrong decision, own up to it and tell the other person face to face. However, if in your gut, you feel like there were valid reasons as to why it happened, walk away with your dignity still intact!

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