How To Help Your Child Transition Into a New School



Moving to a new school can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming for both you and your child. It’s important to prepare for this step so that you can cope and transition smoothly. Moving to a big school is a significant landmark in any child’s life and can be difficult for parents to adjust to as well. In fact, in a survey by Fairy Bio, nearly half of parents said they considered having another baby when their child went to big school for the first time. If your child is moving from nursery to big school, here are some tips on how to handle the change in school.

Help your children understand what is happening.

Change can be difficult for children. Try to slowly integrate the change into a big school instead of overwhelming your child with information all at once. You could make a thank you card together for their favourite teacher at nursery school or buy books about going to a big school.

You could begin talking about big school a few months in advance, so they get used to hearing about it. For example, you could discuss all the friends they could make there, new opportunities for hobbies and allow them to voice any concerns. The more your child gets used to hearing about the change, the more prepared they will be when it arrives.

At the same time, it is important that you prepare your child to leave the old school mentally and psychologically. A sudden departure from old school friends can cause a traumatic experience for your child so you have to proceed with caution. Make your child understand that change is constant and we have to make difficult decisions in life as well.

Build their confidence

Sometimes children can struggle to explain their feelings and identify their emotions. Talk through their feelings with them and consider how you can ease their worries. For example, you could look at pictures of the new school with them, ask them to try on their new uniform, or practice their morning routine. Their initial worries may stem from the uncertainty and unfamiliarity of the big change.

Practice going to the toilet and wiping their bottom, flushing, hand washing, and give them lots of encouragement. Try to make this experience as positive as you can for them.

Develop healthy habits

You could practice the school run with them so they can get used to the new journey. This might help them to get excited about the new destination and familiar with the area. You could ask them to practice writing their name down, so they get used to how it looks on paper.

This is a big change for you as well. Consider chatting to the other mums at nursery who are also moving their child to the same school. You can voice your concerns, share tips, and arrange play dates together so the children can socialize too.

Small acts every day can make the big change feel like lots of little changes that are easier to digest.

Listen to their worries

A child may only be a child but they can have worries like adults. In childhood, each and every experience can cause trauma and that includes transitioning into a new school. Make sure that you listen to your child if you see him worried any other day. Just by listening to him, you will build confidence that will eventually help your child to succeed in life.

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