How to Integrate Sugar Cube Scrub Into Your Skincare Routine?



Nothing can beat the joy and luxury of scooping a handful of natural body scrub and scrubbing your skin until it glistens. However, mainstream scrubs can be harsh on your skin due to the ingredients used in them. They can strip your skin of its moisture, leaving it dry. That’s where sugar cube scrub made from pure and natural ingredients can salvage your skin.

Learn how.

What’s In the Sugar Scrubs?

As a skincare product, sugar scrubs exfoliate dead skin cells and make your skin smooth with a natural glow. Sugar is a natural abrasive and humectant that retains moisture by keeping your skin hydrated. Also, it is a pure source of Glycolic Acid that breaks down the flaky skin and treats mature skin without being harsh.

When combined with natural ingredients and essential oils, it becomes a perfect exfoliating treatment. If you’re curious about how sugar scrubs can benefit your skin, here they are:

  • Sugar scrub causes mechanical exfoliation that removes the topmost layer of dead skin cells along with excess oils and impurities.
  • It is a gentle treatment because sugar granules melt on your skin and don’t cause irritation.
  • Sugar scrubs lead to a bright complexion due to the removal of dead skin cell buildup.

If you’re tempted to make your sugar scrub at home, it may not be the best idea. It would require a proper formulation with a balanced amount of each ingredient to get the best effects of the scrub.

So, choose a brand that uses a natural blend of essential oils, pure cane sugar, shea butter, and beneficial clays to prepare the best sugar cube scrub.

How to Use Sugar Scrubs for Daily Skincare?

Once you find the best natural sugar scrubs, use them daily for the desired impact on your skin. Integrate it into your daily skincare regimen as follows:

Cleanse the Skin

Cleanse your face with a gentle facial cleanser to remove impurities and dirt accumulated on your skin surface. Choose natural clay-based cleansers that work best with sugar scrubs.

Exfoliate the Skin

After cleansing your face, use your natural sugar scrub to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. After applying and massaging, scrub the cube gently on your face and neck and wash using warm water and pat dry. Try using the sugar scrubs at least three times every week for the best results.

Use a Face Mask

For some extra TLC on your skin, use a natural facemask to keep your skin radiant and fresh. Prefer using a facemask that contains pure ingredients enriched with vitamins and essential oils. Apply this mask three times a week, just like your sugar scrubs.

Apply a Moisturizer

After washing your face, apply a gentle moisturizer to restore the moisture lost in the process of scrubbing and exfoliating. Choose a moisturizer formulated with natural ingredients to offer intense hydration and fresh skin.

With a perfect combination of sugar as an exfoliator, shea butter as a moisturizer, and vitamin E as an antioxidant, natural sugar scrubs are the best remedy to rejuvenate your skin.


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