Learn About Different Types of Fabrics for Your Couch Covers



Just like your preference in movies or your wardrobe, your home seems to be an extension of your personality, or who you are. As per huffingtonpost.co.uk, if you happen to be a minimalist, simplicity is supposed to be of pivotal importance in practically all aspects and facets of your well-organized life.

In the olden days, a couch cover would be used in your home primarily for covering your old, damaged, or dirty couch instead of throwing it away.
 A couch cover would give a new lease of life to your old worn-out couch. Today, manufacturers are coming up with couch covers that would be transforming the overall home-décor theme or look of your entire space with seasonal changes for complementing any design scheme. Today, these versatile covers are made from virtually all kinds of fabrics.


Cotton is a fantastic choice while buying a couch cover because it is a natural fabric, light-weight, and could easily be cleaned and washed in a machine. Cotton covers are usually soft to touch. They add a somewhat casual feel to your overall home décor and that makes your home more inviting and welcoming to your guests. They would love to relax on your cozy couch.

Cotton is durable and breathable. Hence, it is a good choice for a couch cover. However, a cotton couch cover may develop some creases and wrinkles after a few days of use and may look shabby if it is not removed regularly and steamed and dried for releasing the wrinkles or creases. Even though a cotton couch cover could easily be washed in a machine, be sure to follow meticulously all relevant care label instructions for minimizing shrinking.


Suede is generally referred to as thin leather material with a somewhat napped finish. However, suede could be referred to as some other fabrics having the same sort of a napped finish. Suede as a fabric is super-soft and velvety in texture.

Furniture covers are manufactured using synthetic suede-like polyester-spandex blends or simply 100% polyester.
Synthetic suede covers for your couch would be great for resisting water damage and stains. These covers are just right for your couch or any other such furniture that is subject to constant use and quite a lot of wear and tear yet they must look luxurious and formal all the time.


Twill is referred to as a kind of weaving that helps in producing a fabric having a distinct design. Hence, twill covers for your couch could be manufactured using several materials, generally 100% cotton or even a polyester and cotton blend.

Twill covers are popular for many good reasons.
They generally are lighter and very long-lasting as a result of the special kind of weave. Twill is great in terms of water and stain resistance hence, twill covers for your couch serve a great purpose for families having pets and young kids. Twill covers could be machine washed and boast of convenience, ease of use, and longevity.


Generally, a blend of spandex and polyester, stretch covers for your couch promise color choice, robust protection, and easy cleaning. You could buy these covers particularly if your couch is oversized or somewhat hard-to-fit.

Covers for your couch are surely an investment as they go a long way in protecting your furniture from spills, scratches, and stains. Often old or worn-out couch gains a brand new look and a new lease of life. You must master the skill of playing up your home’s strengths, hiding its flaws, and making it attractive and appealing to everybody.


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