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In case you haven’t heard, JSwipe is like Tinder for Jewish people. It lets you swipe to the right when you’re interested in a person or to the left when you’re not. When both people swipe to the right, it’s because they’re both interested, and they both get a notification that they have a new match. The more you swipe to the right, the more you’ll see how many people are interested in you. If you swipe to the left too much, you’ll be missing out on a lot of people that might like you. There are two different perspectives of people that always swipe to the right. People that auto-like do so as a way to go fishing and get as many fish (women/men) as possible to bite. I was entirely surprised when I heard that many people are auto-liking matches by swiping to the right on every single person. I asked them, “Why would you do that, being that you’re not attracted to most of them?” People usually responded by telling me that it’s easier than checking out each person one by one and that it was time consuming. I’ve even heard (and suspected) that some of the guys just want to hook up with as many girls as possible. They feel that it doesn’t really matter to weed out any of them, because they’re just trying to hook up.

JSwipe and Tinder are much worse in one aspect, than other dating sites hands-down, and that’s that people on them rarely, if at all, write profile summaries about themselves that are more than one sentence long. So basically, we’re going on just a picture here, and when we get that picture, we either swipe right or left. Which means that we’re basically judging people solely on their appearance. Even worse than that, now we are auto-liking? Good L-rd! Is this for real! Dating online is one of the most effortless things that people can do to meet someone. My preference is that if you’re trying to date someone that you meet online, then write a profile. It’s easy to just copy your profile summary from other dating sites, if you happen to be on any (many people are on more than one), and paste it into your JSwipe or Tinder account. That way you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd and people that happen to be on these types of swiping dating apps, will hopefully be genuine enough to appreciate that you’ve put some effort into your profile, and will take you a little more seriously. Don’t get me wrong, most people aren’t even going to bother reading your profile, especially, when it’s on JSwipe or Tinder. But, it doesn’t hurt to put a little effort into making your profile more appealing.

Did you know that there’s actually an app now that’s specifically designed to auto-like people on these types of dating sites! Everything’s available nowadays to take away any trace of effort into meeting someone new online. There’s a site called, “Tinderly,” which is a Tinder Auto-Liker. This is a pretty cool app, if you believe in short term light with long term darkness. There’s no way that JSwipe or Tinder will stay on the market long term when people are so easily taking advantage of the system. There are people that go online, trying to date people and find their soulmates. Yes, even on swiping dating apps! People go on many different dating and social media sites in hopes to find someone special. When people take advantage of an already easy system of online dating, I truly believe they’re just trying to hook up. Unless, JSwipe and Tinder put a stop to it, I’m afraid that it’s gonna rain hard on these companies.

The problem with attractive people (and come on, that’s basically what we’re judging on, being that it’s a quick swipe type of app), is that you’re going to become swamped with emails, if you’re attractive at least. If that happens, you won’t be able to get back to most of them, because their messages will get lost in the crowd. I believe that the more attractive you are, the less you should auto-like. Otherwise, you won’t get very far if you’re looking for something more than a “flavour of the week” type of date. If dating sites weren’t bad enough, JSwipe and Tinder are clearly not helping the toxicity of the dating site world. But, we’re all still on these sites anyway! It can be hard to meet people when you’re consumed with work, family, friends, and everything else in between, to actually go out and meet people in hip, happening places. So many of us are taking an easier route of using our phones or computers to sit back while sipping a cup of coffee or wine, and flip through dating profiles, one after another, hoping that something will stand out and spark your interest.

There are many positive and negative things about auto-liking people on swiping dating apps. Sure, it’s quick and effortless to just swipe to the right, and see how many people will also swipe to the right. Then you can choose from those people that you match up with. But I must say, there’s nothing genuine about that. Then there are people that go one by one and make a decision based on a profile and picture or at least by a picture, and decide if they feel attracted to the person, and then swipe to the right or the left. Well, at least they’re being genuine. I’m going to have to say that I hear mostly from guys that they’re auto-liking every girl on these apps. What happened to this world that we went from seeing someone in person and completely hitting it off, to auto-liking. Either way, if you’re going to be in the dating site world and you decide you want to be on one of these apps, it’s probably not in your best interest to auto-like, unless you’re just on there to hook up. Happy swiping!

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