How to Make the Most of a Smaller Living Room



If your home has a small living room, you might think that you can’t do a lot with your space. Fortunately, there are some clever ways to make the most out of your space so that you’ll be able to use your small living room more effectively. These tips can help you utilize your living room to the fullest and create a space that will be more comfortable and functional for your household.

Install Shelves

Shelves along your living room’s walls will allow you to keep more of your possessions in your small space without creating a lot of clutter. You can install shelves along the upper and lower levels of your walls to maximize your space. You can also purchase a shelf rack that already features multiple layers of shelves.

Create a Feeling of Openness

It’s possible to make your small living room seem larger than it is and doing so can make the room a more inviting space for everyone. Removing coverings from your living room’s windows as often as possible can illuminate the room with natural sunlight and make the space look bigger. Adding more light fixtures will create more light which can also help. Another great way to make it look more open is to apply a stark white, blush pink, or cool gray paint color to the walls.

Get the Right Furniture

The wrong furniture can take up a lot of space and make your living room seem even smaller, so it’s important to choose pieces that will allow everyone to move around with greater freedom. End tables and lift-up coffee tables often work well in small living rooms. An armchair that’s compact in its design will likely be easy to fit into many spaces in your living room. A sectional couch that can fit into a corner may be another great addition. The benefit of using a sectional is that you get the most seating space packed the most efficiently into a space, and parts can be removed and moved around to fit corners.  Some even come with separate armchairs attached so you can have both a couch and an armchair without wasting space.

Put in a Rug

Even the rug that you place on your living room’s floor can help create an impression of a bigger space. Rugs that are light in color and simple in design often work well in smaller living rooms. Multiple rugs can make your living room look more cluttered, so it’s advisable to use only one large rug that’s square-shaped for the best results. You can either place your rug so that it’s within 12 inches of your walls on each of the sides or at the center of your living room so that the rug is several inches away from your furniture pieces.

You don’t have to settle for having a plain, boring space just because your living room is small. With the right touches, your living room can give off a grander impression and add more appeal to your entire home setting.


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