Popular Furnishing Choices for Newly Finished Basements



A basement can be a great area for storing things, but many people prefer it to double as a recreational space as well. If you’re planning to make your basement into a place where people can meet for some fun and relaxation, you’ll want to furnish it with some things to make it feel just as inviting as any of the rooms you have on the main floor. Here are just a few of the popular choices you can make to top off your newly finished basement.

Dining Options

If you have a full house, an extra dining area in the basement might be a good way to economize your space. Otherwise, you may just prefer a quiet weekend in one area of the home that has everything you need, and a basement can fit this bill nicely. A single-piece dining table doesn’t take up a lot of the area, but it can still seat a few extra guests in a finished room that is just as suitable for guests as any other.

Sitting Furniture

Furniture that you might expect to find in the main room makes a great addition to newly finished basements, too. Some people like to turn this area into a media room where they can set things up with a complete sound or projection system. Whatever the case, sectionals can make amazing additions to your basement. They are versatile, so you can move pieces around to get a more comfortable setup or make the space larger for more people at once.


The basic concrete that composes most basements can be cold or uninviting, and you certainly don’t want that sort of look in your newly finished room. Many people explore options such as vinyl planks to meet their flooring needs here. They come in multiple colors or patterns, and they are usually easy to clean or maintain. You could even try throwing down some nice area rugs to give the floors more softness and warmth if there are spaces in which you don’t want to add flooring over the concrete.

Storage Wall

Turning your basements into an area for more than storing things doesn’t mean that you can’t dedicate some of the space to a repository of things you don’t need in the main part of the house. A wall with shelving units or inset cupboards can allow you to keep extras just like you would in any basement without sacrificing the warmer aspects you want to create.

Versatility is one of the nice things about a newly finished basement. A typical living room on the main floor has some expectations that most people prefer to include, but a basement can transform into any kind of recreational room you might desire. Combining a few of the ideas above can make your finished space here seem like another complete room of the home. It might be a good idea to consider the lighting of this typically dark space as well. A series of floor lamps can provide warm illumination.


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