Lengthy Layover Ahead of You? 4 Good Ways To Pass the Time



Navigating and waiting through a long layover can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re headed for a quick getaway or on your way back from an epic journey, take this chance to explore the location and make the most of your extended stay at the airport. We’ve put together 4 great ideas that will help you pass some time during those seemingly endless delays. With these tips in mind, enjoy the much-needed break and relax without worrying about not having enough things to do. Get ready for some happy times ahead.

1. Catch Up on Your Reading

Many of us have a lengthy list of things we’d like to read but never get around to. It’s gotten even worse since smartphones have enabled us to be entertained nearly everywhere we go. However, when you’re in an airport and have an abundance of time to wait, it’s one of the best opportunities you have to catch up on your reading. Most airports have at least one little shop that sells classics and bestsellers for cheap, which means you can have a selection to choose from even if you didn’t pack a book. So during your next layover, remember that reading is extremely easy to do in an airport.

2. Learn Something New

It’s easier than ever to avoid boredom with the abundance of free Wi-Fi available at our fingertips. The possibilities for gaining new insights are endless, from interesting and educational videos online to courses from some of the best online learning platforms. When you’re bored at an airport,  you can dive into a world of knowledge and feed your thirst for learning. Whether you’re interested in science, history, or business, there’s an online resource out there that can help you develop new skills and broaden your horizons. Why not take advantage of this convenient opportunity to learn something new?

3. Take in Some Culture

If your layover is of sufficient length, you might consider going to visit the city you’re in for the layover. May airports are close to major city centers, so it’s not out of the question to quickly pop over and take a look around. You could visit a museum, get a quick bite to eat, or just see the famous sites. As well, there is often an airport shuttle that can help facilitate your journey to and from the city very quickly, so there’s little risk of missing your next flight. The next time you’re waiting on a layover, maybe take some time to look around. You never know what you might find.

4. Get Some Exercise

One thing almost universally true about airports is that they have loads of space. When you’re stuck on a layover for an extended period of time, why not get some light exercise in? You can wander around for hours seeing all the little gift shops or novelty spots around the building, or you could find a large open area and do some light stretching. If you’re on a layover with other people, you could even consider going for a run around outside while they watch your things. One thing to keep in mind; unless you’re in a particularly large and well-equipped airport, you’re not likely to be able to take a shower until you arrive at your destination, so try to avoid getting too sweaty. Other than that, it can be a great chance to get your blood flowing before another long journey.

By converting a typically mundane layover into a period of exploration and learning, you can take advantage of your time within an airport terminal to discover something new about yourself or your surroundings. Whether you simply choose to catch up on long overdue reading materials or go the extra mile in furthering your knowledge base by taking some online courses, there are plenty of positive ways to make use of any unplanned layover. Taking one last opportunity to get some exercise or wander around the city can help to cap off the day in an exciting and productive way. There is no doubt that taking a proactive approach towards managing a delay can be very fulfilling; now that we have explored some prudent ways to spend this often limited amount of time wisely, why not give it a try.


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