Why You Should Delete the Tinder App, If You’re Hoping to Find True Love


It’s important to be the best version of yourself, to believe in self-improvement, and to have some idea of what you want in life. When it comes to relationships, you should have a pretty good sense of what you’re looking for, and to some degree, you should also have an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t in a relationship. But when it comes to online dating, there’s one dating app that I’d highly recommend avoiding when you believe in true love and your intentions are to find something meaningful and for the long-term. Tinder!

I debated whether I should write this article because I’ve tried really hard to avoid speaking poorly about others directly or even about businesses for that matter. But then I realized, it’s not necessarily “lashon hara,” which in Hebrew means talking bad about other people. The reason is simply that it’s more than O.K. to warn people about someone or something that could potentially cause them harm or even take them down the wrong path. My intention writing this is to shed some light and wisdom onto others so that they’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for them when downloading the Tinder App.

My intention or purpose isn’t to badmouth Tinder by any means. You see, Tinder can be a great way to kill time, and even to meet people when your intentions are anything other than hoping to find something meaningful. I’m not necessarily against people going on dating sites, and I’ve even tried them myself at one point or another. And although I’m pretty much a big believer that most dating sites are ultimately toxic, I definitely believe that there’s still a chance that you can find true love on them. Only Tinder, shouldn’t be your first option if you have hopes of finding your best possible match.

I’m sure this will be a great article and even promote Tinder’s business, at least to those men or even women out there who are looking to “have fun.” But I happen to be one that believes in true love, and in not wasting your time or anyone else’s when you have pure intentions and have the hopes of finding something real and meaningful. I’ve never been interested in merely hooking up with someone, and I definitely don’t promote it in my writing.

Tinder is liked by many people and has grown to be quite popular in the dating world for many reasons. Tinder is great for people who are looking for a fling or mere hookup. Some people are on there just to kill time while others are looking to hook up with as many people as they possibly can. Some people even refer to auto-swiping as “fishing,” if you get my drift. Many people will auto-swipe because they want to see how many fish will bite, and just how many they’ll catch.

There are many women or even men I suspect, that have hopes in “using” different members of the opposite sex, and merely for their own selfish reasons and for instant and immediate gratification. They’ll view Tinder as an opportunity to have empty intimacy, free meals, or whatever else, and many people won’t care who they hurt in the process. And although some people are O.K. with that, because it gives them an opportunity to try and hook up with many people, or even get free meals, etc., many people are not O.K. with it and wind up getting hurt, and feeling misled.

On Tinder, you have the option to swipe right when you’re interested in someone and left when you’re not. Many people on Tinder will simply swipe right for every single match with hopes that some people will eventually swipe them back. Now, I don’t know about you, but do you really think that this is the best method of finding your best possible match, let alone, your soulmate? I sure don’t! Think about it! I mean, seriously, how special are you going to feel when you find out that you were auto-liked by someone, and what are the real chances the woman or man of your dreams who you find on Tinder is going to be honest and come out and tell you that you were one of the dozens who they auto-swiped. “Hey baby, I just wanted to share something funny with you. You’re totally going to laugh when I tell you this. I actually found you by auto-swiping you!” Hmm, that sure wouldn’t make me feel very special.

Did I mention that many people have a dating site and dating app addiction, and just how hard it can be for many people to deactivate or hide their profiles when they actually do find a promising situation? Well, I’m telling you now, that this happens in the world of online dating, but on Tinder, it happens even more. Tinder has a very bad reputation by many, but those they gave it their bad rep were likely people who felt let down, deflated, or even used and played by someone, because they went into a situation or even many situations for that matter where they had pure intentions, and the hopes of finding something meaningful.

The toxicity of Tinder has also actually bled onto other dating site apps like Jswipe, by people who are on too many dating sites and apps. You see, when people use too many apps and are on too many sites, they tend to get confused, and end up treating people worse, because they “forgot” which site they were connecting with you on as they send out their copy/pasted message of, “Hey! How’s it going?” and “Hey baby, you look hot. I’d love to get to know you better.” Um, no thanks!

Just know that if you’re looking to find real love, and a situation that you’ll consider even remotely promising, you should think twice before downloading Tinder. But for all others who are bored, relentless, and have any motive other than to find their best possible match, by all means, download Tinder today! It’s always good to know what you’re getting, whether you’re making a purchase, or whether you’re joining a dating site. So I hope that this sheds a little bit of light onto others, so at least they have some idea of what they’re getting into by downloading the app.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Delete the Tinder App, If You’re Hoping to Find True Love

  1. Hello. It’s my first time visiting your blog and I love it! I haven’t really checked out too many blogs that focus on relationships and such. I am from the food blogosphere part, so most have been within that niche so far. But I am branching out. It’s fun to read about dating and relationships. I honestly have been hooked on people’s worst tinder date/tinder terror story time videos on youtube. I think I have probably watched them all. I’ve been searching for new ones but can’t seem to find any new ones. I’ll admit, they are entertaining. Is it horrible that I have a guilty pleasure of hearing about dates gone wrong?

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