Major Instagram Accounts for Every Entrepreneur to Follow and Get Inspired



If you know how to follow the right people on Instagram, then this social media platform will be a great source of information for you. As a proper social channel garnering over a billion monthly users, Instagram has proven to be one amazing source for motivation and even inspiration. If you know how to follow the proper people, you know the importance of this service then. This platform is one genuine source to gain some quality information under one source, just like you have asked for it.

Thanks to IG, now you get the chance to actually fill your IG feed with inspiring stories, motivational quotes, and exciting videos by following some of the greatest and latest news in the said industry. There are some lesser-known personalities, whom you can follow as well as part of this trick now. There are some IG accounts that you might have to check and every entrepreneur should know more about these accounts for some impeccable services.

The First Account Is of Gary Vaynerchuk:

Mostly known as a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, internet personality and international speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk is one account that you need to check if you are looking for entrepreneurship help. He is one of the leading inspirational business leaders of this time. This current outgoing behavior and ruthless personality will be what most followers should look for and get impeccable help as well. With more than 1.7 million followers, this account is one to check if you are looking for videos, quotes, and lessons. It will help you to launch a business and even pursue passions well.

Another Name Is of Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins is a man of multiple talents. Right from being a bestselling author to the businessman thought leader, and even a life coach, this person seeks to just empower people to achieve their current dreams. He has already become one of the most recognized faces when it comes to leadership coaching. So, he is known to have helped people around the world to reach their maximum potential, to say the least. His IG Account comprises of 1.4million followers and it keeps on increasing. This profile is full of motivational videos and quotes, along with a glimpse of his personal life. You will learn more about him and similar other names from now.

Brene Brown Is One IG Account That You Care to Follow:

Brene is a bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker and an academic. She is known to study human emotions and has one of the major Ted talks of modern times. It is called “The power of vulnerability,” which is quite popular among the masses these days. She is known to train people to be authentic, brave and even effective leaders now. She is known to have 554,000+ followers on Instagram and is known to share some of her favorite things as well like books, foods, and idols. Another part comprises of motivational quotes and photos, fun images and more, which will show her healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Peter Voogd Is One Name to Look For:

Another interesting name that will catch up in your mind got to be Peter Voogd. In case, you are looking for some daily motivation, then you don’t have to look any further. This bestselling author and entrepreneur are known for his proper Instagram account, which is the perfect spot for all kinds of inspirational quotes on entrepreneurship. You will get the chance to follow dreams, bouncing right back from failure and there are so much more. With more than 61,000 followers, this IG account seems like one amazing pot of gold, which people need to unleash to gain proper knowledge.

Another Name for You to Consider Is Gabby Bernstein:

Oprah Winfrey once stated Gabby to the new thought leader. Gabby is not just a bestselling author but also a life coach and motivational speaker, to say the least. She is known to showcase her learning towards her followers on self-love and a balanced lifestyle. Unless you get to love yourself, you won’t be able to love others and she knows the power of it all. Her positive and bubbly personality will always shine through the IG posts made with inspiring quotes and more. She even has some pictures showcasing her life, her favorite books, and relaxing scenic images. These photos are more like inspirations just to let people know they can get it as well by following a positive mentality.

Lewis Howes Is One Hit IG Account to Follow:

Thanks to his amazing and hit podcast, Lewis Howes will provide the world with some free sources of motivation, which most of the entrepreneurs are dying to know. Here, you will receive not just a free source of motivation but also some positive thoughts about your life. His Instagram account is not that different when compared to the other names already mentioned in the list. He is known to house around 321,000 followers, which shows the positivity of his influences over so many people already. He is an entrepreneur, author and former pro athlete, who is known to share some inspirational quotes, stories, and even videos. All these options are here to help you pursue your dreams well.

Arvin Lal Is One Name to Rely Upon:

You might have heard the name Arvin Lal when you came across the company called Shredz Supplements. It is one center dealing with health supplements and Arvin was the brainchild of this endeavor. He is known to be not just disciplined in nature, but passionate and also motivated. He is known to use Instagram as a platform to brand his work and teach others to work on their best selves. He is known to have over 887,000 followers and is known to share updates on what he has been working one, some motivational quotes and even catchy images.

These are some of the major profiles that you have to follow whenever you are dealing with entrepreneurship ideas. You need motivation and these accounts will show you enough.


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