Materials That Are Great for Your New Home Design



Designing your home is a project that requires you to make many balances and considerations. One of many such considerations is regarding the number of materials for your home. Here, you should consider several things. First, you need to know exactly what you want. Second, you need to take into consideration the physical properties of the materials in question. If you want to go green, you also need to take into consideration the eco-friendliness of the material that you’ve chosen. All in all, here are several materials that are great for your new home design.


The first thing you need to consider is definitely timber. First of all, it’s organic and the industry providing untreated timber isn’t a major contributor to polluting or deforestation. How so, you might wonder? Well, this is mostly because this construction timber often comes from groves that are specifically planted for this purpose (industrial groves, if you will). Also, when properly installed and used in the right location, timber can be quite long-lasting. Timber-framed homes, with proper insulation and construction methods, are still one of the most commonly used materials today.


Despite the fact that it’s currently one of the most popular construction materials. The material is present since ancient times. Concrete is definitely something that modern construction is using on a regular basis. This material is a mixture of sand, cement, crushed stone, and several other mixtures. The reason why concrete is so great is due to the fact that it’s cheap, simple to work with (every construction crew knows how to work with concrete), and incredibly durable. Concrete is not flammable and is moisture resistant. Pre-cast concrete repels water and can be quite resistant towards expansion and contraction.


You would be surprised at just how many application plastics have in present-day construction. The thing is that you can go with numerous plastic parts, ranging from your guttering system, all the way to replacement for glass, dome lights, and more. From the perspective of cost-efficiency, by finding a reliable supplier like Plastic Wholesale, you can get a sizable saving for a larger quantity. As for the selling properties of this material, thermic features, flexural strength, and impact strength are some of its strengths.


Another iconic material in the construction field is the brick. In fact, this material is so iconic that the term brick-and-mortar business is used colloquially as opposed to the type of enterprise that exists only in the digital world. Bricks are versatile, aesthetic, and easy to work with. Most importantly, they’re incredibly eco-friendly. An old brick can be reused many times, provided that it’s intact. The thermic properties of brick make it into a great insulator. However, if you add an additional layer of insulation, what you’ll get is the absolute pinnacle of energy-efficiency. Nowadays, brick is seen as so chick that one of the latest trends suggests leaving a brick-wall bare so that it remains visible.


Alongside concrete, steel is probably one of the most commonly used present-day construction materials. One thing that would make it unorthodox on this list is the fact that is commonly used in commercial properties but that it’s not so popular when it comes to residential home construction. Steel is also eco-friendly, seeing as how it can be reused and recycled quite easily. It is water-resistant and comes in all shapes and colors. One more reason why it is such a pragmatic material is due to the fact that you can cut it and then weld it back together with no problems. Having to break a concrete wall, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. 


Natural stone is an incredibly popular material. In fact, there’s nothing quite like it. To support this fact, it’s important to mention that some of the world’s most beautiful monuments are made of stone. So, what’s the downside of stone? Why are there no more stone structures built in this century? Well, the stone is quite expensive. Not a lot of construction crews know how to handle it properly and cutting it may require specialized tools that cost a small fortune. Still, whatever you build in stone will A) last you a lifetime and B) leave a unique impression on every visitor.

In the end, you need to keep in mind the fact that you don’t get to choose just one material but a whole palette. This is why you have some more maneuvering space to make combinations that work the best. You should bear in mind that while insulation, energy-efficiency, and eco-friendliness may be upgraded at a later date, it’s much simpler and cheaper to do so right away. So, even if it costs a bit more, even if the order is a tad more difficult to make, it’s usually worth your while.


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