The Benefits of Timber Flooring



Most of the time, when people want to erect a building; they always have the task of deciding what type of flooring they will use indoor. Timber flooring, or in other words called wood flooring, is a type of flooring that is gotten from the natural product of plant (wood) that is popular across the world for its aesthetic use or structure. It is also available in different designs, colors, and species. Timber floorings are unique and classy in look once you install them in your house. The look and feel you get is admirable. There are many benefits that one can benefit from choosing timber flooring when erecting any building. The key benefits are as follows:

Good Insulation

There are tiny air spaces in timber and which are only visible when viewed under a microscope. These little air spaces provide the insulation facility to this timber and make it better than other floorings. Timber flooring makes feet warmer in winter and colder in summer because of the excellent insulation property. The insulation property of timber ads to the energy efficiency ratio of the premise where it is fitted.

It Is Firm and Resilient

This is another property of Timber flooring and this feature stands responsible for making walking on the floor quite comfortable, and that is the reason that basketball players and dancers choose wood flooring over other types of flooring. It also has a firm grip on shoes and causing less tiredness of legs while walking even with shoes on.

It Is Easy To Clean

With just simple cleaning and mopping, the floor looks smart, neat, and sparkling clean as well as dirt-free. It also makes cleaning easier and a quickie job.


Timber flooring is durable when compared with other types of popular flooring options. If you can maintain the floor perfectly, the Timber flooring will serve you well and it will last longer.

Easier To Maintain

Unlike different types of flooring, Timber flooring is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and once in a year polishing will serve the purpose of maintenance.

Air Purification

Due to the tiny air spaces present in the timber, it makes it difficult to trap dust particles and hence will keep on purifying the air in the home. The quality of air in the house is thus improved with this natural flooring.

Curb Environmental Allergies

Timber flooring is mostly warm; therefore, molds and mildews that promote respiratory problems due to the presence of images and mildews are thus curbed. It is also best for individuals with dust allergies, respiratory problems, and lung diseases.

Promotes Interior Design

There are many colors, designs, and styles available in the range of Timber flooring and can be tuned to match the interior design of the homeowner. Due to its unique natural appearance, it promotes the presence of the home and also increases the resale value of the premise. Flooring with timber thereby makes a home put for sale or rent exclusive. It will go with both modern and classy looks and all most all types of wall colors.


The cost of Timber flooring is not very expensive. You can easily find a wood of your choice that is beautiful and affordable.  It is durable and matches the ROI.

Timber flooring is also the best for pets because it is more hygienic and does not harbor odd odors. It is also effortless to maintain and provide a long-lasting aesthetic appearance. Despite so many benefits, it has some small drawbacks that wood is not fire and chemical resistant, and it can get infected from termites, or it may get swollen up if exposed to water or moisture indiscriminately. But these are little things that can be taken care of if you buy good quality of wood and take its proper care.


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