4 Multi-Use Areas of the Home Worth Improving



Whether it’s gathering for game night in the family room or doing homework at the kitchen table, the multi-use areas of your home are where most of daily life takes place. Although many homeowners take these well-loved rooms for granted, a design makeover can make them more enjoyable. If you’re pondering your next home improvement project, here are four multi-use areas to consider improving.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so why not give it the attention that it deserves? Start by getting rid of that stuffy dining table and replacing it with a multifunctional kitchen island or a counter-height pub set for relaxed family meals. If your kitchen doubles as a space for your children’s homework or a home office, place a desk and a comfortable chair in the corner along with some cozy task lighting. More specialized lighting can really help a space be more flexible or even just more comfortable as the night hits and you want a dimmer lighting scheme.

2. Backyard

Would you like to add dozens of square feet to your living space on a shoestring budget? Look no further than your backyard. The same area that you use for volleyball matches and frisbee with Fido makes a perfect outdoor living room. First, hire a concrete company to pour a patio. Then top it with a set of comfy outdoor furniture and add a few finishing touches like a ceiling fan or a fire pit to finish your family’s new outdoor oasis. As well as adding new things, you might want to consider what you already use the yard for. For example, if you play a lot of catch, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of room.

3. Family Room

Your family room is a place for everyone to kick back and relax, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a mess. One of the best ways to upgrade your family room is to give it an organizational makeover. The exact remodel will depend on your needs, but here are some ideas: Install handy shelves and bins so all your family’s games, movies, and toys are easy to find and close at hand. Swap out that stained sofa for movie theater seating or gaming chairs and trade well-worn carpet for durable laminate floors.

4. Mudroom

The main purpose of a mudroom is to contain soiled shoes and drenched raincoats, but this small space also pulls double duty as a landing place for your family’s backpacks, lunch boxes, briefcases, and other on-the-go gear. Upgrade your mudroom by installing handy hooks and cubbies so no one forgets their necessities on the way out the door. Having a shoe rack or a small closet can also be a great addition.

Remember, the best multi-use area makeovers add improvements that help your family more fully enjoy the space. Focus on practical additions that make the room inviting and easier to use. Skip the fussy decor and go for a cozy and casual aesthetic instead.


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