How to Speed Up Home Renovations and Be Done in No Time



Do you think that home renovations are a necessity or a luxury? While some people don’t like to change anything in their home until a problem occurs that requires immediate action, others like changing things around quite a bit and quite often. As costly and complex as they are, home renovations often take longer than anticipated, which can make people use more money than they budgeted in the first place. Not just that, but lengthy and slow projects can seriously impact your quality of life and stress levels too. Here’s what you can do to speed things up:

Do Some Serious Research

As excited as you must be to start your new projects, you need to take a step back and
really prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Unfortunately, too many people start their home renovation projects feeling like it’s something they can do casually and “on the side,” and then end up angry, frustrated, and broke.

The important thing is not to rush in despite your enthusiasm – planning things out and researching can (and should) take as long as the project itself. Research different possible solutions for your dream home and so when it happens that your first choice is not possible (as it will happen more times than you might think), you will have plan B set in place. Making last-minute choices doesn’t have to mean that you must spend more money if you know that there’s more than one option available. 

Saving Time vs. Saving Money

If you plan things out in advance, it gives you time to wait for bargains and prioritize what you’re ordering and buying. Whenever possible, order furniture and materials in bulk, even before your project starts. You can place them in your basement or a garage, or even hire a storage unit and keep them there until you start renovating.
This way, you will not have to wait for your material to arrive once you actually start, and you won’t have to spend more money paying for quick deliveries and last-minute purchases. You will spend more time waiting for a sale as well as waiting for your bargains to arrive, but in the end, you will have everything ready and you’ll be able to renovate much more quickly. 

Materials and Tools Are Everything

Supply and demand for skilled contractors, good materials, and quality tools are rising and falling constantly, but once you start your renovations, you shouldn’t lack any of these. Getting the right materials takes time and money, but it’s all in vain unless you actually have the right tools to prepare and utilize them.
Get scaffolds if you’re renovating your roof, and definitely find a company that offers long term forklift hire if you’ll be working for weeks or even months on your home, conduct laser scans, buy or hire a power drill, and rent a truck for getting rid of the junk. Depending on the type of project you’re implementing, you’re going to need different tools, and you shouldn’t dismiss this completely.

Be in Touch With Your Builder

Nipping any issues at the bud will save both your time and your money, and the simplest way to do it is to stay in touch with your builder and to check in with them every day. It might seem excessive, and you probably don’t want to be a bother, but this is your project, it’s costing you a lot of money in renovations, and you’ve invested so much time in it that you deserve to stay on top of things. If you’re not able to be on your site in person, try to video call your builder, and have them walk around and show you the progress they’ve made. A quick check-in every day is easier than spending hours trying to resolve a big problem later on. 

Technology Is Your Friend

People shy away from looking at quick solutions because they are afraid that it’s not going to be as good or as effective as ‘the slow way.’ Looking at quicker solutions not only won’t hurt you, but they will take the load off your back and allow you to be done with some menial and boring tasks with ease. For example, if you decide to paint the walls a single color, you don’t have to spend long hours using brushes and rollers –
paint sprayers are lifesavers! Not only are these as effective as manual labor, but they are significantly quicker and whole lot neater.

Try to Limit the Mess

Renovations are messy, that’s a fact, and even when you finish your project in time, it’s going to take forever to clean up afterward. Protecting the rest of your house as well as your floors and furniture are imperative, and while it’s easy to do it with small projects, larger projects might need a bit more than furniture coverings.

If you have to work on a large part of your home, rent a storage unit and place all of your furniture there – not only will it be out of the way and builders will have better access to every nook and corner of your home, but you won’t have to worry about your valuables getting broken or damaged accidentally. Old carpets placed soft side down are great for heavy work boots and shoes, plywood offcuts are great for easier walks outdoors, and plenty of waste bins will save the day. 

When undergoing a big home renovation project, you’re always facing potential pitfalls, and you have to be prepared that things won’t go according to your plans. In order to complete your projects on your intended budget and on time, you need serious planning skills and plenty of patience. It’s going to take your time and test your patience, but if you’re ready for some serious work – you’ll be able to finish everything in no time. 


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