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As our knowledge of supplements and the human body is constantly evolving, there’s always a subset of people looking for better ways to not just maintain their body, but to optimize it as well.

This has led to a massive rise in compounds referred to as nootropics. Simply put, nootropics are cognitive enhancers that people take to increase their working memory, mental acuity, and general functioning. Everybody, from doctors to Joe Rogan, has taken notice, leading to people scouring medical literature for any chemical that might be able to function as a nootropic. One such chemical is called noopept, and it has been turning heads for some time now.


Here’s Exactly Why Noopept Is Shaping Up to Be One of the Most Popular Nootropics of All Time:

Helps Balance Emotional Well-Being

People often think of their consciousness as a separate entity from their physical body, but in reality, every emotion you feel and thought you have can be traced back to neurotransmitters inside the brain. When people take noopept for an extended period of time, they frequently report a decrease in anxiety, feelings of apathy, and an increased amount of things like energy. This effect has been clinically studied, with results confirming these effects time and time again.

Increases Focus

Those who find it difficult to buckle down and complete a single specific task enjoy the razor-sharp focus that noopept fosters. Users frequently report increased sharpness and overall mental clarity. This increased focus, coupled with its other benefits, makes for a highly effective working “mood,” where people feel much more driven and confident in their abilities to complete the tasks required of them.

Increases Memory

Students are using noopept at a constantly increasing rate because of its positive effects on memory. People who use noopept quickly notice they can consolidate memories, as well as retrieve them much easier than they usually can. Its impact on memory is so pronounced that in countries like Russia, the substance is being used as a possible treatment for cognitive deficiencies caused by genetics or nasty accidents.

Neuroprotective Qualities

The positive effect on brain function from noopept doesn’t come with bad cerebral side effects. In fact, noopept has shown to actually increase brain health by destroying free radicals, as well as reducing inflammation in the brain. Essentially, noopept works to slow down many of the degenerative processes that are thought to contribute to age-related cognitive decline. It’s entering trials in many countries to determine how useful it can be for treating Alzheimer’s disease.


Despite the relatively short time that there has been moderately widespread use of noopept, the benefits are numerous (much more than we could put in a single list), while new benefits are being investigated on a very consistent basis. People who get into nootropics often create “stacks” of several nootropics for best effect, with noopept almost always being a part of their regimen. At this point, with all of the consistent reports as to the benefits of noopept, we can be certain that the placebo effect isn’t the driving factor behind noopept’s power.

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