One Day at a Time



I’m sitting here beside you

I hold your hand, I wish you knew

The love you gave was plenty

A soul with wings that flew

A smile and subtle whisper

You gave me, at least it seemed

I know you love me, despite

Despite the tear upon the seams

The sparkle in your eyes

It gives it all away

Your heart is big and wondrous

So wondrous, as you lay

Sometimes I wondered why you left

Wondered why you walked away

But I know now, it wasn’t lack of love

It was just easier that way

The love was just too strong

And you feel, every little thing

I know it has been so long

So now beside you, I sit and sing

Singing you this song

A simple melody

Cause I know it won’t be long

God is taking you from me

He is taking away your spirit

Not the love that you gave to me

Because the memories are all right here

And that’s where they’ll always be

I suppose, the only dad I knew

Besides, both of mine are gone

My love was always true

I’ll wipe my tears, I’ll be strong

Thank you for the kiss

But it’s not a kiss goodbye

Just a little reminder

That you’ll stay right by my side 

I see it in your eyes

You love me, say it’s true

I see it, now forgive me

And let me forgive you too

I wish, please be at peace

And rest, but take a nap

Not ready for you to leave

Let me sit upon your lap

What can I do, if nothing

At least, let me kiss your hand

Take my heart, it’s already in pieces

I know, my gesture is not too grand

But I don’t have much to give

Only what’s left inside my soul

I sit here and I’m alone

A pit, an empty hole

Battered, torn, and shaken

Somehow still, I have love to give

But please don’t be mistaken

I have longer left to live

The kids are in good hands

In his, and in mine too

Our lives apart, together

Without the whole I do

But the love is there, you know it

In my heart and in his too

And rest assured, we’ll show it

When the sky’s black, and when it’s blue

Take ahold of what’s still here

Like I hold your lifeless hand

I will never ever forget you

When you’re far off in another land

Please let go of any anger

Resentment of what remains

Let go of all that hurts you

Let’s clean up all the stains

Again and again I tell you

I love you every day

On the days I didn’t tell you

There’s not much that I can say

Regrets I live through haunt me

Night terrors when I sleep

Wind smacking against the window

Here’s a promise, I promise to keep

One day my one and only

One day I’ll vow to him

One day I’ll meet his daddy

To his arms is where I’ll swim

But I never will forget

Forget the love you gave

Wish I had more time

But what is time to save

Leaving on this note

The ending to my song

Part of me lies there with you

And part of me lives on

But know that when I leave

Leaving only for the day

I pray that you’ll recover

And tell me you’re O.K.

Anne Cohen
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One thought on “One Day at a Time

  1. Beautiful! I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot these past few days (it’ll be 6 months since he died), and this really touched me.

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